Day 1776: Now you know

“Now You Know”  from Stephen  Sondheim’Merrily We Roll Along has  been running through my head a lot lately.  Now you know.

If you didn’t know Lucia Spina is a great interpreter of Sondheim tunes, now you know.

Now You Know

by Stephen Sondheim

All right, now you know:
Life is crummy.
Well, now you know.

I mean, big surprise:
People love you and tell you lies.
Bricks can tumble from clear blue skies.
Put your dimple down,
Now you know.

Okay, there you go —
Life is crummy,
Well, now you know.

It’s called flowers wilt,
It’s called apples rot,
It’s called thieves get rich and saints get shot,
It’s called God don’t answer prayers a lot,
Okay, now you know.

Okay, now you know,
Now forget it.
Don’t fall apart at the seams.
It’s called letting go your illusions,
And don’t confuse them with dreams.

If the going’s slow —
Don’t regret it,
And don’t let’s go to extremes.
It’s called what’s your choice?
It’s called count to ten.
It’s called burn your bridges, start again.
You should burn them every now and then
Or you’ll never grow!

Because now you grow.
That’s the killer, is
Now you grow.

You’re right, nothing’s fair,
And it’s all a plot,
And tomorrow doesn’t look too hot —
Right, you better look at what you’ve got:
Over here, hello?
Okay, now you know,

Now you know!

Now you know the lyrics to “Now You Know.”

Yesterday morning, I visited the amazing home of Jane Hoffmann. If you didn’t know that Jane is the wonderful real estate agent who helped us buy our new home, now you know.







Now you know you can put blackboard paint on your walls, like Jane did. I love it.

This blog post is for you Jane, for me, and for all my readers, too.



Now you know.



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26 thoughts on “Day 1776: Now you know

  1. while i don’t know much
    i’m happy knowing of
    these beautiful sounds
    and gifts of images 🙂

  2. That blackboard paint is well adorned, Ann.

  3. XO to you and Jane from

  4. Every education has some gaps. Even though I went to a university that put on a great production of Into The Woods my education hasn’t included enough Sondheim. But now I know another one of his wonderful songs.

  5. A beautiful post and nurturing home. Thank you Ann and Jane 💛

  6. What? No, I don’t! I don’t know! What am I supposed to know? What happened at the home of the wonderful Jane Hoffmann? Is everything okay with you? With your new house?

    Now you know sounds so ominous! Well, especially for someone like me who never really knows anything! Help!

  7. Yes now I know

  8. I am so out of it. Love Sondheim, but I’ve never heard this song. Love her interpretation. Thanks so much for this. Who did the shadowbox??? I love it, too.

    • I don’t know who did the shadowbox. I didn’t know about the song “Now You know” until I saw “Merrily We Roll Along” in Boston two months ago. You’re not out of it. Now you know.

  9. Now I know that coming to visit your site always makes me lighter of heart and heartened by what you know that I now know. A hard day just softened up a bit thanks to you. Now you know.

  10. Great song – now I know

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