Day 1774: “I’m out of here”

Yesterday, before people were out of my Wednesday morning therapy group, somebody said “I’m out of here” regarding a stressful, toxic family relationship.

I invited the group members to express thoughts, feelings, and associations about “I’m out of here”  using  words, drawings, poetry, or  interpretive dance.  I then did an interpretive dance of “I’m out of here” by leaving the group room to get a drink of water.

What are your thoughts, feelings, and associations about “I’m out of here”?

Let’s get yesterday’s photos out of my iPhone and into this post.
















Those ducks are out of their usual element  because Michael has been using a computer programming technique out of here  called “Rubber Duck debugging.”  He prefers to  express his  thoughts, while he programs, to the purple rubber duck out of Scotland (here). Why?  Because it looks more interested than the Hearing Duck (which is out of here).

Here‘s Shania Twain singing “I’m Out of Here.”

I’m out of here, but not before I express thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.


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12 thoughts on “Day 1774: “I’m out of here”

  1. I like Michael’s purple duck. Would make a great NaNoWriMo buddy for all.
    I am definitely not out of here,

  2. Something tells me the purple duck takes you and Michael back to Edinburgh. Even if you can’t get out of here imagination, memory, music, and art can carry you somewhere else.

  3. The duck and coding combo is out of there to me, Ann.

  4. This one…that “out of here” for toxic relationships…sigh. It happened in our family years ago, and they never came back, not even to the family relationships that were not toxic. Very sad for all concerned. But, on the other hand…those chocolate covered pastries !!

  5. As a Social Work manager, when, in 1985, the purchaser provider principle came in, meaning that when we needed a resource, e.g. a care home, from another section of our own department we had to pay for it from our budget, I could see the outsourcing to profit making agencies as inevitable. I decided ‘I’m out of here’ and went freelance.

  6. I’m back in here 😉. Feels good 💛

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