Day 1768: Difficult conversations

Yesterday, in a therapy group, people had a conversation about difficult conversations.


What makes a conversation difficult?  Have you been having difficult conversations lately? What helps you start and make it through difficult conversations?

If I notice an elephant in the room, I feel the pressure to name it and invite difficult conversations.  While that might make a mess, I trust that cleaning up that mess together will promote growth.

Are there any difficult conversations in my other photos from yesterday?











With the conversation in that last photo,  it’s not difficult to choose today’s video. Here  are Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake having a conversation about Toto‘s Africa at  summer camp:


Feel free to start any conversation, difficult or otherwise, in the comment section below.

It’s not difficult to express gratitude to all who helped me with the conversations in this post and — of course! — to YOU.


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20 thoughts on “Day 1768: Difficult conversations

  1. You are awesome at getting people to,let the cat out of the bag, Ann.

  2. I am just socially awkward and force people to have difficult conversations against their will!

  3. You have helped me with a difficult conversation I was planning to have regarding FURniture. Now I don’t have to! 😉

    Thanks, Ann!

  4. Great conversation piece.

  5. Ha ha…I was thinking of that Toto sketch before scrolling down. Perfect. And he misses the rains down in Africa..great connections here, Ann. Nice.

    • Speaking of great connections, “Perfect” is the title of the blog post I am about to write. Always nice to hear from you. ❤

  6. I have to name elephants, too. Doesn’t always work 🙂

  7. Ann you have no idea how much I appreciate your posts. I find myself learning and growing and being able to relate to your posts. In the last year or two especially I have found myself just saying what needs said. And I feel stronger for being able to. Though I think others see me as changing. I see it as getting ‘more me’. 😉

  8. A few years ago I wrote a blog post about Winnie The Pooh, and the next week wrote an imaginary letter from The Walt Disney Co. informing me that I was not allowed to even talk about Pooh without permission. The letter also informed me that Walt Disney now owned many things, not just literary works but Greek and Roman mythology, most TV shows, and Toto’s song “Africa” but that I could continue singing it in the shower because my inability to carry a tune made it unrecognizable.
    It was meant to raise questions about free speech, copyright, fair use, and the public domain, which are difficult to talk about but necessary. A few people thought the letter was real which made for some fun conversations.

  9. The Dorthy photo made me LOL, the SNL skit made me ROFLMAO! It was difficult to have a conversation during that time.

  10. I loved that clip. I always found that Toto song very irritating. At work – difficult conversations are referred to as “Crucial Conversations”. Ann, I think all our conversations are crucial! Don’t you?

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