Day 1766: Trapped

Yesterday morning, somebody in therapy talked about feeling trapped and how that affects anxiety.

Later in the day, we heard how people in New York City were trapped, injured, and killed in a  pedestrian pathway .

This morning, I’m reading how New Yorkers are refusing to be trapped by terror.

Here’s how we worked on feeling trapped yesterday:


What do you do when you’re feeling trapped?

Do any of my other images relate to being trapped?





Here‘s  the New York Halloween Parade from last night, after the terrible attack.


My deepest sympathy to all who suffered losses. Thanks to all who do their best to heal  every day (including you).


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20 thoughts on “Day 1766: Trapped

  1. LOVE the poem Ann!

  2. I think sometimes I get trapped by opening my big trap !!

  3. My heart goes out, Ann. We can’t let terror trap us.

  4. Thanks for the parade footage, Ann. They said it was more festive than ever. Praise to the resilient human spirit.

  5. I too love the poem — and agree with Mark — we can’t let terror trap us

  6. Something I read about how language shapes our thinking has always stuck with me: “Language is a prison. You can’t escape, but you can change cells.”
    No matter where we are or what our situation is we can feel trapped, but a change in perspective can make a difference.

  7. I’m glad they went ahead with the parade. That’s not being trapped.

  8. What an amazing post Ann. Helpful today, very helpful. Thank you.

  9. Many people have a feeling of being trapped, I am not one of them, just saying

  10. People joke that people never leave Boston is a most apt pic.

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