Day 1765: Don’t Open It!!!!

If you saw or heard

Don’t Open It!!!

would you

  • obey?
  • rebel?
  • be curious?
  • be cautious?
  • expect something scary (especially on Halloween)?

Would you assume that “it” meant

  • a closed item?
  • a sensitive subject?
  • something belonging to somebody else?
  • a Pandora’s box?
  • a door?
  • a package?
  • a phishing email ?
  • a suspicious website?
  • something scary or disgusting?


I didn’t open it. But I did open my eyes to all these things yesterday:








Seven years ago today I met someone who loves me for who I am and literally cooks the best meals ever.

If you don’t want a Flintstones Happy Anniversary,  don’t open it!!!

This blog is now open for comments.

Open thanks to all who helped me create this post and to all who opened it, here and now.

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19 thoughts on “Day 1765: Don’t Open It!!!!

  1. I wouldn’t open it, Ann. I figure the sign was there for a good reason.

  2. ??? Why send Ivor a parcel, and then say “don’t open it” to Ivor..!! I’m reckless, and anyhow, it’ll be just one of my mates having a bit of fun…. maybe…..

  3. Congratulations…..Happy Anniversary a la Barney, Fred and the boys.

  4. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary.

    I like how you open my day to wonder… about everything!

  5. Happy anniversary. Let me offer you some canned peanut brittle, since we are all fans of hilarity.

  6. Did I tell you my middle name was Pandora …. 😉

  7. I probably wouldn’t open it because I’m not going to fall for that one – then be consumed with worry 🙂

  8. If one opens not his mouth, another may doubt his intelligence. But in opening one’s mouth that doubt may be confirmed.

  9. Those words “don’t open it” screams open now for so many of us

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