Day 1764: Stranger

What’s stranger?

Reading a WordPress blog post or writing one?

This old blog post I wrote about strangers or this one?

Paying attention to the news or deliberately avoiding it?

Looking  forward to indictments from government investigations or dreading them?

Stranger Things or Strangers with Candy?

When a Stranger Calls   or When a Stranger Calls Back ?

This photo


or this one?


This photo


or this one?


This photo


or this one?


This photo


or this one?


This YouTube video

or this one?


Asking for comments for a blog post or not asking?

Thanking people who helped me create this post or thanking those who are reading it?

And which of these two ways of expressing thanks is stranger?




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24 thoughts on “Day 1764: Stranger

  1. Without strange, there is no normal, Ann.

  2. I’m feeling quite strange, and I’m worried that I missed your last post !! so a song from Leonard Cohen.

  3. Thanks for not being a stranger Ann. 💕

  4. To use a line from a Sister Hazel song, “Strange is just a different point of view.” (and those scallops do look good!)

  5. Strangers…just friends we have not yet met. That sign in 3 languages has shown up in my neighborhood. Very sweet attitude.

  6. You’re no strANNger to me! ( ღ’ᴗ’ღ )

  7. Ohhhh I love William Shakespurr! And you are no stranger than me nor anyone else who follows your blog!

  8. I was walking in the neighborhood near where I work and several people driving a pedal car, which is a new thing I find very strange, came by. One of them saw me and yelled, “Whoa! Stranger danger!” and everyone else started yelling the same thing. I just smiled and waved, glad that I can still have such strange experiences.

  9. Oh, those scallops!!! I read Strangers in their Own Land earlier this year or late last…It was a revelation in parts…

  10. Hi Ann, I’m so glad we’re not strangers! I love Wm Shakespurr, too. I saw that wonderful 3 language yard sign in our PA backyard but not here in Naples 😉. Enjoying Mueller Monday, too!

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