Day 1755: Insecurity

I can’t get over it:  I’ve apparently never written a post about insecurity in all the one thousand, seven hundred and fifty-five days I’ve been blogging.

I don’t feel insecure about that, but I do feel insecure about hosting get-togethers, which I’ll be doing next weekend at our new home.

Whenever somebody tells me about an insecurity, I assume the insecurity is based on experiences in the past.  However, despite my long-lived insecurity about hosting social events, I’ve never had a bad experience doing that.

At this point, I’ll feel more secure about this blog post if I define my term.

1. uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.
“she had a deep sense of insecurity”
synonyms: lack of confidence, self-doubt, diffidence, unassertiveness, timidity, uncertainty, nervousness, inhibition
2. the state of being open to danger or threat; lack of protection.
“growing job insecurity”
synonyms: unstable, rickety, rocky, wobbly, shaky, unsteady, precarious

When I first started doing group therapy, I was uncertain, anxious, unconfident, self-doubting, diffident, unassertive, timid, uncertain, nervous, and inhibited, and I felt unstable, rickety, rocky, wobbly, shaky, unsteady, precarious, and insecure. These days, when I am facilitating my groups, I securely observe that people often feel better about their insecurities when they realize they’re not alone.  Do any of my readers share my insecurity about hosting social events? If so, what helps relieve the insecurity?


When I first started sharing photos in this blog, I had insecurity about that. Not any more.






That photo of Harley — who has a lot of insecurities — reminds me that I intended to write about wrinkles today.  There’s a lot of insecurity, especially in women, about wrinkles.

I see many songs about insecurity on YouTube. Here‘s one of them:


Secure thanks to all who helped me create this post about insecurity and — of course! — to you.

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18 thoughts on “Day 1755: Insecurity

  1. What a great post. As always really. I can’t keep with a cat’s cuteness but I do have a photo of me on my current post.

  2. The new home by the sea enjoyed by you and Michael will have enough interesting wrinkles that you need not feel any insecurity about hosting a get-to-meet-our-place party, I think, Ann.

  3. I have a dear friend here who has the same insecurity around social events. She always asks me how I do it without falling apart — I tell her I move into the moment and accept that I am responsible for my part of turning up — which includes all the fixin’s — and I trust everyone is turning up to have a great time being together. And we all do!

    Your home by the sea will welcome everyone with open hearts because that’s how you live and love — open-heartedly! And in Love, everyone has a great time! ❤

  4. Cats exude confidence so it’s surprising that Harley would have any insecurities. Although as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize that confidence isn’t the absence of insecurity; it’s the willingness to jump in and do something in spite of insecurity.

    • Harley has so many insecurities he jumps out of my way, Chris, as if we’ve never met before. I’ll jump in now and express gratitude for how you jump in here, every day.

  5. Thanks for visiting, I’m sorry a rarely drop by, I am keeping computer time to a minimum these days. I love the notice Be Kinder Than Necessary. I missed your move to a new home, but I hope you settle there in happiness.

  6. Ann, you have the best advice for others … and for yourself. No need to feel insecure about any of it. Listen to your own wisdom 💕

  7. I always feel secure when I read your posts Ann. And I gave up already on being insecure about my wrinkles. I’ve grown into them I always say

  8. I was well into my 40s before I realised the link between my insecurity about large social events and my first day at school

  9. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay insekyoority — i has it!!! fortchoonatly i hav mama and dada and the hipster kitties arownd to tayk kayr of me wen i am nervus wich is pritty mutch all the time!!! ok bye

  10. Pingback: Day 1757: Don’t take it personally | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

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