Day 1753: When we die

When I die, I won’t be checking the news any more.    Because I’m still alive, I recently read this news story stating “Some studies suggest our minds still work after we die.  Meaning, when we die…we know we are dead.”

I know that’s a coincidence, because I recently had a  we-died-laughing conversation about when we die. I said:

  1. My body could be stuffed and placed in my usual chair in the group room and
  2. The groups would probably still do great work with a facilitator who doesn’t say anything.

I know I haven’t died, yet, because I’m still taking pictures with my iPhone.



Isn’t that flounder dish to die for?  I’m not trying to impress you, but I have the perfect song for today’s blog post.


I’m dying for some comments, here and now.

Undying thanks to all who helped me create today’s blog post and — of course! — to all my living readers.


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42 thoughts on “Day 1753: When we die

  1. Happy to be alive reading your blog this morning.

  2. Luis Del Castillo

    Loved the song!, I knew about B,S&T but never heard that song before, always something new to learn from your wonderful blog

  3. You have reminded me of the old comedy ‘Weekend with Bernie’ today, Ann.

  4. Great song. . . from when I was ten years old! Just remember, your funeral director is the last person ever to see you with no clothes on.

  5. Jim

    If your brain still functions after you die, how long does that go on? Does it shut off pre-cremation, after or during? My instructions are to stick a fork in me prior to cremation, just to make sure. I may need more specific instructions.

  6. That B S and T song…to die for. Great memories of that one.

  7. Please don’t die on my account! Love the pics Ann 🙂

  8. I wonder if in our ‘knowing’ we are dead, in our deadly state if we have emotions/judgements around our knowing?

    Hmmm…. I’m dying to know if you know. 🙂

  9. That’s an amazing song and a fantastic reminder that when we come to die we can be assured there’ll be one child born to carry on.

  10. That’s the creepiest science factoid ever to be released — and just in time for Halloween!

  11. Lena MacInnis

    excuse me Ann but I’m dying to share this…lol

  12. You have my un-dying commitment to comment as often as I read your posts.

  13. I’m not being crypt-ic, I liked your post. No floundering around here!

  14. I almost read that article. But I have no desire to read about what my brain will be doing after I am supposedly dead. Creepy is right. And that Weekend at Bernie’s movie was hilarious.. Maybe I’ll tell my daughter to cart me around for a few hours until she is sure my brain is completely shut down. Kind of off-topic, but my mom told me that people used to be buried with a string attached to a bell outside the coffin just in case they hadn’t really died. Okay, I’m through. Thanks for the laughs.

  15. I’m dying to prove them wrong 😂

  16. I’m back on the sick list again Ann, however I’ll let you know in the morning if I’m still alive !!

  17. I think before we die we need to go on a DIEt first. We want to die and leave a nice-looking corpse, don’t we? LOL! ٩(๑•◡-๑)۶ⒽⓤⒼ

  18. I’m happy you’re alive

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