Day 1752: The universe

There’s a mindfulness exercise I often do in my therapy groups where I mention the universe, as follows:

When you breathe in, think of something positive you’d like to breathe in —   from this room or from the universe.

Every time I do that  universal mindfulness exercise, I tell the group I expect to breathe in gratitude, and I do.

Here are the pictures I was grateful to take in from the universe yesterday:








What would you like to take in from the universe, here and now?

Here’s The Universe in 4 Minutes:

If you don’t have time for the universe in four minutes, here’s the universe in less than two minutes:

Finally, thanks to the universe and — of course! — to YOU.


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19 thoughts on “Day 1752: The universe

  1. Always wondering about my place in the universe. Now I know. Thanks Ann.

  2. “Oh, I’ll never get to that star,
    But I’ve seen the universe in a blade of grass” Sean Rowe.

  3. Sending universal love and gratitude your way Ann 💕

  4. This is quite the challenge!

  5. Here’s an even more amazing thing about the universe: It’s been around approximately 14 billion years. We humans have been around about 200,000 years. We first developed agriculture about eleven thousand years ago and the first complex societies about seven thousand years ago. The periodic table and the discovery of DNA happened in the late 19th century, and almost all our understanding of physics–from subatomic particles to the expanding universe–comes from discoveries made in the 20th century.
    Now try to imagine what the universe will teach us tomorrow.

  6. Hi Ann. I’m back in the blog universe. Did you miss me?

  7. The Universe! Such a gigantic, cosmic topic! Of course, we are all a part of this gigantic universe — we are all made of star stuff. So you are right on, dear friend. My universal love and good wishes to you!!

  8. The universe is an amazing place

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