Day 1751: This is your life

This is my life.  Whenever I update my phone or my laptop, the “improvements” make it more difficult for me to blog.

This is my life. After updating my iPhone yesterday morning, I’m having trouble taking and loading new photos.

This is my life. I’m going to deal with this problem by repeating a picture  from yesterday’s post:


This is your life.  What stands out for you in that “This is Your Life”  poster?

This is my life, so here’s how I answer my own question:

All emotions are beautiful.

Life is short.

If you don’t like something, change it.

I don’t like something. The camera app I’ve been using for years no longer works with the latest iPhone update, so I’ll change it. My emotions about this include frustration and disappointment, but those are as beautiful as the hope I feel about the future. Life is short, so let’s move on to  music

… and my gratitude for everything’s that’s in my life, including YOU.








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30 thoughts on “Day 1751: This is your life

  1. Thank you too, Ann 🙂

  2. Life is short. Dead is for a very long time. Enjoy your life …. (undertaker proverb)

    I was happy to see the “Snoopy” thank you notes. I have been using them exclusively for years.

    Good luck with the phone.

  3. “Life is about the people you meet”, and that’s me, I’m a “people” person, and a community person, an involvement person… and now I’m a blog person, and this person is meeting more and more “people” everyday, and Ann I’m so happy that I’ve met you here, on this “people’s” blog world….

  4. The ride is interesting one, some days more than others! I hope you get a hand on the techno updates Ann! 💛

  5. My photo reduction app doesn’t work with the new IOS, either, Ann, and I’m back to emailing my photos to myself to shrink the pixels for better blogging size. Oy!

    • Mark! I called Apple yesterday. The first support person said there was nothing I could do. For the life of me, I couldn’t accept that, so I called Apple again and the second support person suggested I call the manufacturer of the CP Pro app and find out when they plan to update their app to catch up with the new IOS. She said there was nothing else I could do. However, there was life in me yet as I researched and googled and finally found the app Resizer. If you use that, make sure you save every resized photo and delete the original.

  6. If I understand well you make your blog with a smartphone . Bravi . Personally I still need a computer! 🙂
    Love ❤

    • I actually use my iPhone to take photos and I make my blog on my computer or my smartphone, depending upon how they’re communicating with each other! Thanks for your lively and lovely communication, Michel.

  7. It is really wrong of Apple to update your phone in ways that make it less functional, but this seems to be their way of doing business.
    Just want to say that although I enjoy your photos, I come here fo your words. And you have never failed.

  8. The word I’ve come to dread most is “upgrade”. It always signals that things are going to be more difficult. However Snoopy teaches a valuable lesson in how to respond to adversity.

  9. I don’t use my phone to blog for exactly these reasons. I can’t keep up with how to use the phone changes, the blog changes, the everything changes.

  10. I only blog on my laptop using my phone or tablet is too hard for me

  11. I love this poster! I like each phrase, honestly, but “Do what you love and do it often” seems like a wonderful objective. All of my devices are sending me the message that’s it’s time to update, and I keep postponing because each time something gets thrown off! I’ll have to jump in at some point and just do it! I’ll try to be brave. 🙂

    • For the life of me, Debra, I love blogging and I was so sorry I updated yesterday! However, life goes on and so does this blog. Thanks for your lovely comment.

  12. As I read the comments today I notice I follow a handful of your faithful too! Maybe it’s because your attitude shines for all of us….life is short. Love what you do.

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