Day 1749: What’s your favorite picture?

What’s your favorite picture?

What kind of question am I asking there?

Am I asking …

  1. What’s your favorite movie?
  2. What’s your favorite image?
  3. What’s your favorite photograph of every photograph you’ve ever seen?
  4. What’s your favorite photograph that you’ve taken?
  5. What’s your favorite photograph in today’s blog?






My favorite picture in today’s blog is the one of my stand-up comedy teacher Ron Lynch and his wonderful girlfriend, Shelly (above).  Last night, Michael and I (not pictured) had dinner with Ron and Shelly at Vinnie’s Ristorante and talked about many things, including  Ron’s Wikipedia page (which makes him too old by a couple of years), blogging, cupcakes, skeptics, beliefs, Steve McQueen movies, napkins, cats,  Dads, pasta, the ocean, L.A., Boston,  comedy, comedians,  politics, the pictures of comedian Lenny Clarke on the restaurant’s walls,  and many other interesting topics I’m picturing in my head, right now.

Here‘s Ron, Fred Armisen  and CELERY BOY (if you can picture that):


I’m now picturing many comments on this blog, below.

Can you picture how grateful I am for people like Michael, Ron, Shelly, and — of course! — you?



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25 thoughts on “Day 1749: What’s your favorite picture?

  1. My favorite picture changes often, Ann, depending upon whether I’m posting or reading. Now it’s a stand-up guy sitting down, holding up a napkin at a restaurant.

  2. Your series of sunset over water is a perfect example of why I can never picture my favourite anything. How can I choose one beauty over another?

  3. Shelly Lyons

    Great blog. Lovely to meet you two. Love Celery Boy…:)

  4. All the pictures you took are pretty. I like how calm the water is and it’s really hard to pick in general – so mamy beautiful things/views/people to photograph

  5. I’m a carrot too! 🙂

    I love all your photos — that view is exquisite! ❤

  6. I recognized that picture of Ron Lynch right away and was so glad to see that Wikipedia has added the date of his birthday, even if it’s off. I can picture him and you, though, as people who are wise beyond your years.

  7. I love thinking of you standing at the edge.of the water, taking those photos near sunset. That montage forms it’s own answer to yesterday’s question, how do you keep calm and carry on?

  8. What fabulous views Ann. Definitely my favorites. I would love to live by water and soak up some sunsets like these. 💕

  9. Every day and every minute is a beautiful picture. Living on the water is a dream of mine.

  10. I don’t think I have a favourite picture or movie there are so many I like and so many different types of ones

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  12. this is it 🙂

  13. Number 5.

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