Day 1746: Appropriate

Is it appropriate for me to tell you that I’ve never written a blog post with the word “appropriate” in the title before? It is appropriate to reveal the inspiration for today’s title?


That’s a sign for a parking lot where I work. I don’t park there. Does that mean I’m not appropriate?

When I read the news these days, I see a lot of inappropriate behavior, which contributes to my  sense of chaos. Is it appropriate to ask whether we can agree on what behaviors are appropriate?

Are these photos appropriate?

















Is it appropriate to discuss stool/poop in mixed company? Is it appropriate to use the term “mixed company”?  Was it appropriate for Michael and I to both wear that cat head at Target and then not buy it? Is it appropriate for me to share what I write during group therapy sessions about topics like self esteem? Is it appropriate for me to reveal that one of the group members talked about “dumb asses” before I wrote down some thoughts about self esteem?

Is it appropriate for me to bombard my readers with so many questions?

Is it appropriate for me to use this photo to introduce today’s music?


Please leave an appropriate comment below.

Can we agree that gratitude is an appropriate way to end all of my daily blog posts?



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21 thoughts on “Day 1746: Appropriate

  1. I shall appropriate the answers to you this morning, Ann.

  2. An appropriate post Ann. Love that cat head!!

  3. Half a spider…funny. I’d have tried on the cat head too !

  4. George Carlin has a joke that when you’re at a party and yelling to be heard by the person next to you everyone will get quiet just as you say the most embarrassing thing: “SO I DECIDED TO GET MY TESTICLES LAMINATED!” I’ve gotten in trouble for sharing that joke in inappropriate places, but I hope this isn’t one of them.

  5. Eleanor

    How appropriate to be standing in front of Christmas decorations dressed in a Halloween costume weeks before Halloween!

  6. Nothing inappropriate about this post. In fact, I love it! ♡〜ლ(๑癶ᴗ癶๑)ლ〜♡

  7. That first picture looks like an instruction to poach staff

  8. The boo cracked me up

  9. The pictures and your writing are appropriate to your humor which I find out with great pleasure .
    I hope only my comment is appropriate ! 🙂
    Love ❤

  10. 🙂

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