Day 1743: Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman who writes this blog wonders about many things, including:

  • how to hang up pictures without inflicting damage on the walls,


  • what to do with built -in wine racks in the kitchen if you don’t drink,



  • how to stop snacking at night,


  • why our cats hate this meowing snack clip so much:


  • what Harley is thinking about,
  • whether anybody is ever going to buy this donut,


  • what it would have been like to grow up and live in a world without sexism, and
  • if my readers know how grateful I am that they read this blog.



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28 thoughts on “Day 1743: Wonder Woman

  1. You’ve long been a wonder woman

  2. I wonder what Haley is thinking about too.

  3. No…not the last one, Ann. I’ve not seen WW either. Love the built-in wine rack, have fun putting it to use !

    • I saw WW yesterday. If you’re wondering whether you should go see it, I’d say yes! I always love your comments.

  4. I just saw WW — amazing!

    ON this Canadian Thanksgiving Monday I wonder if you know how grateful I am for you and your wonderful photos and thoughts and ideas and sharing…?

    Well wonder no more! I am grateful for you in this wonderful world! ❤

  5. I bought a counter top wine rack, for a few bottles of wine that I’ve gotten as gifts over the years… but also to hold my blender bottles for my sports drinks! 😀

  6. Command strips will let you hang photos with minimal damage to the walls, Ann.

  7. Keep wondering and finding answers Wonder Woman 💛

  8. Having seen Wonder Woman I wonder if we’ll see more films like it, with women in powerful roles on both sides of the camera. Earlier today I listened to a woman list several films from the past two decades she described as “underrated” when they were released but are more appreciated now. Director Kathryn Bigelow was responsible for many of the films which makes me wonder, and hope, whether women in the film industry are finally getting the appreciation they deserve.
    Also I would buy that donut. What would Halloween be without spiders?

    • Thanks for a wonderful and hopeful comment, Chris. If there’s a Dunkin’ Donuts near you, you could probably find that donut there.

  9. Yeah you are a wonder women

  10. From my experience in life, all wonderful women, are themselves a Wonder Woman..

  11. That donut is a wonder

  12. Wondering sometimes is a wonderful pastime — just as long as you don’t care if you get an answer or not —

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