Day 1738: Sharing dreams

Yesterday, I was asked to facilitate a group for staff, in addition to my usual Tuesday “Coping and Healing” group.  As usual, I was honored to provide a safe-enough space for people to express themselves and to connect with others in a healing way.

In both of the groups, people discussed the tragic events in the news. In one of the groups, the members decided to share and comment on each other’s recent dreams.  Whenever I work with dreams in a group, I encourage people to respond to other people’s dreams  with “If it were my dream, it might mean ….”  People’s dreams included sacrifice, animals, losing a baby, wandering in an enormous house, being chased, and communicating with dead relatives.  I mentioned that I’d recently dreamed that I was friends with Stephen Colbert.

If it were your dream, what might those dreams mean to you? What dreams have you been having lately?

I snapped only four photos yesterday, two consciously and the other two unconsciously.





During dark times, try sharing your dreams.

Somebody is sharing dreams on YouTube:


Many thanks to you for sharing these dreams with me, here and now.


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33 thoughts on “Day 1738: Sharing dreams

  1. I rarely remember dreams. Flying is an occasional theme – and I am still uneasy when taking off and landing in planes

    • I rarely remember dreams unless I write them down immediately after I wake up. I don’t dream about flying but I’m still uneasy taking off and landing in planes. Thanks for this dream of a comment, Derrick.

  2. Your purposeful night shot is dreamy, Ann.

  3. Wow, sharing dreams, I have so many dreams, so many different themes, and basically I share my dreams through my poems, most of my poems come directly from my dreamtime world. I wake during the night and jot down the main words that I can remember from my dream, and expand on the dream story during the day. Sometimes, during the night, I’ll even manage to write the whole poem..

  4. If it was my dream about Stephen Colbert I would imagine it was because I have an affinity to someone who is intelligent, witty, empathetic, astute and great with words. And I like British accents.
    p.s. you need a bigger white board for all your wonderful words!

  5. I rarely remember my dreams but on the night of the shooting I woke out of a deep sleep at about the time it was happening and all I felt was deep fear. Thinking that it was related to what I am presently going through I didn’t think anything of it other than my life is falling apart. Yet the next day when I heard the news my jaw dropped open. Sharing dreams at a time of Darkness I so agree with you, Ann, being so very important.

    • Oh, my, Amy. The same thing happened to me, at about 2 a.m. I woke up extremely anxious, with no apparent reason. So interesting. Thanks for sharing.

      • I had a “premonition” dream before 9/11 that still haunts me. Thanks to both of you for sharing. ❤ ❤

      • No, you are not alone in feeling what you do, Van. I’ve questioned many a time if I’m a bit nuts or just what in the world is it I am experiencing. You’re in good company. 😉

  6. I’m often different people in my dreams. In some dreams I become someone else with an entirely different history. Some people find that disconcerting when I share that, and then I tell them about the time I dreamed I was Gene Shalit’s wife, and that makes them laugh.
    I’m always happy to make others laugh.

  7. I’m sharing my dreams with you right now ( ु⁎ᴗ_ᴗ⁎)ु.。oOzzz

  8. I love the dreams I remember

  9. Debbie Terman

    Before I scrolled further, I was very curious about how you were able to take photos unconsciously. I thought, “I need to learn her trick! That could be a real time-saving and multi-tasking strategy, putting my unconscious to work like that!” But alas, it was photos that accidentally snapped themselves, an unconscious skill I already share. Oh well.

    I wrote an English paper in 10th grade which was inspired by a particularly weird and vivid dream. I wasn’t much of a writer back then, but I do remember it earned me one of my highest grades in that class.

  10. I love dreaming. Even the ones where there are a couple of Godzillas over the city buildings in the distance, and me hiding in a closet hoping the giant dinos don’t hit my building — I love it. I’ll look for you in my next one!

  11. I never considered that the same dream might be interpreted so differently by each dreamer. I pay close attention to my dreams, they often come at the most appropriate time.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking post, Ann.

  12. I bet Stephen Colbert would be your friend if he read your blog!

    • Thank you for this dream of a comment, Maureen! I must have been day dreaming — I’m only just noticing it months later.

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