Day 1736: Are you listening?

Are you listening?  What do you hear?

I’m listening.

I’m hearing many different things.

“Are you listening?” is something I saw on a poster near Boston’s Symphony Hall yesterday.


After I saw that poster, I was listening to somebody behind me in the audience of Merrily We Roll Along ask

Is Stephen Sondheim still alive?

I turned around and said, “Stephen Sondheim is alive.”

And then we listened to each other discuss Merrily We Roll Along before the start of that amazing musical.  When she asked, “How is the music?” she listened to my reply: “It’s wonderful.”

Because of all the upsetting things I listen to  at work and elsewhere, I’m doing my best to listen to wonderful music and the sounds of nature near where I live.

Thanks for listening and for looking at my other photos from yesterday.















Are you listening to this YouTube video about the 2012 production of Merrily We Roll Along starring Lin-Manuel Miranda?

Are you listening to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s pleas to contribute to this relief fund for Puerto Rico? I listened to that, too, yesterday.

Are you listening to my requests for comments?

I’m grateful to all who listen, including YOU.

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24 thoughts on “Day 1736: Are you listening?

  1. I always like listening to you Anne and the music you share!

    And this morning I’m listening to the wind outside my bedroom window. It is full of the non- sound of snow falling!

  2. You have a rich listening and watching environment in your life, Ann.

  3. I hear you Ann. The sounds of music and nature nourish our souls … just what we humans need right now 💛

  4. Anne. Yes, I am listening, and know you are not alone in embracing music and nature during this time of upheaval. Enjoy your perspective and always your excellent photos. Thank you.

  5. Listening to that video I was delighted to learn that it was the largest cast for a production of Merrily We Roll Along since its premiere. I didn’t hear when that was so I had to look it up–1981, although I waited until after the video was done because I agreed with what I heard–it is Sondheim’s most beautiful score.
    To paraphrase a famous line you can hear a lot by listening.

  6. To me music is perfect therapy. It can get you going, put you in a happy mood, or make you melancholy with tears and sadness. But it’s so powerful. Classical music is a biggie in my life — mostly the upbeat composers. But smooth jazz, country, rock n roll — it’s all there for a reason. Give in to it!

  7. I’m listening to music, feeling sad, humbled and privileged all at once,

  8. I try to listen with not just my ears but with my brain

  9. Does your blog inspire you to get out and take pics? Or keep you from lying in bed with a pillow over your head?

  10. I’m listening to all the sounds of this world. What a mixed tape of everything to feel.

  11. I always try to listen. I love those beautiful Herons standing and listening for fish that will become their meal 🙂

  12. I hear you loud and clear! ♪♪♪ ヽ(・ˇ∀ˇ・ゞ)

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