Day 1735: Alarmed

Are you alarmed about anything today?

Yesterday, I was alarmed when

  • an alarming, rapid five-tone beeping  sounded several times throughout the day in our home and we couldn’t find the source of it,
  • we discovered that our cat Oscar had peed a little in the bathtub, and
  • I found out that somebody I care about very much is getting a lung transplant.

What do you do when you are alarmed?

I take a breath, tell myself “it’s safer than it feels,” and choose a next best step.

Are you alarmed by any of my photos?










When I sent my son Aaron that photo of Michael saying “hi” last night, Aaron wrote back, “Is he alright?”  I think he might have been alarmed.

Aaron was quoting something we say a lot, inspired by Bill Hader playing the alarming Keith Morrison.

Don’t be alarmed, but I just heard those five beeps again. I’m wondering if we could work together to figure out

  1. what those beeps might signify and
  2. what to put in the room where there used to be a piece of furniture that the cats have destroyed.


I won’t be alarmed by any of your comments, no matter how alarmed you are.

Don’t be alarmed by this:  I’m grateful for all who helped me create this post and — of course! — for YOU.


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35 thoughts on “Day 1735: Alarmed

  1. Those ARE very alarming things. I hope they all, especially the lung transplant, turn out well.

  2. I see alarming news, that your cats would love some cat scratching furnitures, so you don’t need to think of something else, Ann 🙂

    • Good advice, Irene, but we do have great scratching posts. I’m trying a calming diffuser so the cats feel less alarmed in their new home.

      • It takes some time for the cats to feel real at home in a new house, Ann.
        If you do have some crystals in your house, clean them in water and try to place them in the rooms, where the cats feel themselves less good. This use to help my cats.
        I have also given them new collars of these, as I have showed at my blog a time ago with small silver cages with Amber inside. Since then they don’t have any problems. Amber is very calming too.

      • Thanks for this calming comment, Irene!

  3. Those first two of the room are nicely eerie

  4. Where could the previous owner have placed an alarm not in plain sight, Ann? This is the season for it to run out of charge and need new batteries. Back of a closet, perhaps?
    I agree with Irene that Oscar and Harley could use a new scratching post before you place anything they could adopt as one in that now-near-empty exercise room.
    And Michael sure knows how to say howdy.

    • There IS a scratching post in that room, Mark. I agree with you that it’s an alarm needing a new battery. You sure know how to leave a comment.

  5. Today I was alarmed to find out that it the start of Day-light Saving Time……here in Australia…..

  6. 5 different tones? Or five of the same notes?

    Carbon monoxide detector would be biggest worry..Rule out CO. Maybe CO detector needs replacing.
    Moisture detector… Small device that can be purchased at hardware store. Look near hot water tank, near water shut-off, other moisture prone spots.

    Something running low on batteries.
    Something outside, like a vehicle backing up.
    A weird cellphone notification, or maybe on a device like a Fitbit, reminding you of something.

    An electric clock’s alarm especially if it has been going off once or twice a day at the same time. Switch off alar. Or switch to radio setting to test.

    Neighbour’s microwave or something.

    • The same note. And thanks for all your helpful guesses. I am less alarmed because you’re working together with me to figure this out!

  7. Michael looks like he was alarmed by his meal which isn’t alarming so much as it’s charming. And I’m reminded of a friend of mine who got a letter from the company that installed his house alarm telling him not to “celebrate” holidays by deliberately setting it off. That never occurred to him, and you know what happened to the boy who cried wolf. He got the attention of wildlife biologists who were interested to see wolves return to the area.

    • You always get my attention, Chris. Michael was trying to mime “Hi!” in that photo but we WERE alarmed by our meal, because it was the first time we tried hot pot. It was very alarming how much I overcooked everything, but I’ll do better next time. Thanks for another charming comment.

  8. Did someone start a print job that ran out of paper or ink, and forget about it?

    Do you have a fan that beeps when it changes speed? We have a Honeywell fan that beeps when it changes speed but it does so randomly and we have never figured out why

    A Tamagotchi needs feeding

  9. Check your doorbell’s batteries?

  10. I’m definitely not alarmed by that face with those wonderful glasses.

  11. Being alarmed is something I am not today, that said many things alarm me at times just not now

  12. Good belly laughs from the video. Hmmm… re the beeps, could they be from a plugged up drain from the air conditioning? I assume you’ve already checked the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Of course, it could be something entirely benign. My smoke alarm is new and doesn’t give any warnings when the battery goes. Just shrieks at … 3 AM…

  13. Luis Del Castillo

    Thanks for your concerns Ann!! I was alarmed that I didn’t read your blog earlier today!

  14. I’m working in turning off alarms these days… along with you Ann. 💕

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  16. Oh, how distressing all things must had been, Ann. I used the past tense because I’m pretty sure today you feel better, even if nothing has changed except that time has passed, and your practice of Mindfulness which always helps. Love the new specs!

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