Day 1734: How do we work together?

How do we work together? That seems to be an important question these days.

How do people at Mount Auburn Hospital’s Cardiac Rehab work together? Based on all the hours I’ve spent there over the last few years, I’d say they work together beautifully. Kathy — the head of that department who has worked there for many years — is retiring and her last day was yesterday. I was invited to a surprise party to say thanks for all her years of working together so well with so many people.

Here are some photos I took at Cardiac Rehab yesterday:






I loved working together with Kathy, Danise, and Carla all those hours I spent in cardiac rehab. I worked out what I wanted to write to Kathy beforehand.

If you can’t work out what I wrote there, it says

Dear Kathy,

Thank you for your beautifully kind and caring heart, which has helped heal and strengthen so many hearts, including mine.

Is there any evidence of how we work together in my other photos from yesterday?

There were donuts at the party celebrating Kathy’s working together with others at Cardiac Rehab, but I couldn’t get it together to take a photo of them.

“How do we work together?” is also the question that inspires this incredible number from Stephen Sondheim’s Merrily We Roll Along:

How do we work together without gratitude? I don’t know.  So, thanks to all who inspired this post and to you — of course! — for working together with me.

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25 thoughts on “Day 1734: How do we work together?

  1. Great work saluting your friend, Ann. You’ve got it together, as always. I love the sense of humor of the car owner who admits the shape chosen may be a bit box-like.

  2. A day of mixed feelings, no doubt.

  3. ☺️

  4. I’ve been in the building game a long time now, and on the big projects the job can’t get done unless all the different trades “work together”

  5. We get nowhere without other people working together. I wish we could instill that thought in government. It’s not even just this administration, though this one points it out vividly, government hasn’t worked for a very long time.

  6. Fond farewells and lovely post Ann. Thank YOU 💛

  7. All your pictures seem to work together to say one thing: it’s not how they work together that matters; it’s that they work together.

  8. Nothing quite like being a part of something larger than the sum of its parts ~ wishing you well Ann, take care 🙂

  9. so great to work so well together like that- and so hard to say good bye!

  10. I love reading what you write about your friends, Ann. They are always such giving and hard-working people. I hope Kathy has a wonderful time in retirement,

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  12. You seem to have a close knit and appreciative workplace community, Ann! How lucky all of you are to have one another! All the best to your friend moving on with her life. I suspect you’ll stay in touch.

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