Day 1731: The Beet Goes On

Yesterday, beets went on my salad at lunch.


Then, I posted that photo on Facebook:

This is what I’m having for lunch on the 7th anniversary of my first contact with Michael, which was a message about how we both disliked beets.

Here’s the first message I sent to my boyfriend Michael seven years ago after I saw his OkCupid profile, which was hilarious and adorable and quirky and  mentioned his dislike of beets.

I also hate beets.  You actually didn’t use the word “hate.” You were much more diplomatic.


Michael didn’t miss a beat and wrote back:

Well, you have to be diplomatic in public forums. I mean, you never know who’ll have a disturbing passion for beets or something and send you psychotic messages for the next seven months. Between you and me, I detest beets.

Since then, we’ve grown fonder of beets and of each other.

Let’s celebrate our anniversary to the beat of some music and photos!









I’m looking forward to many more beets, beats, delicious meals, sunrises, and sunsets in the future.

Thanks to Michael and everyone else who contributed to every beat and beet of this post and thanks to YOU — of course! —  for staying to celebrate our anniversary.


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31 thoughts on “Day 1731: The Beet Goes On

  1. Happy Anniversary! You just can’t beat -beet that!! (they are so good for you too!)

  2. Pickled beets, beet soup and Happy Anniversary to a couple that can’t be beat, Ann.

  3. Eleanor

    Happy anniversary to you and Michael.
    I love anniversaries and I love beets.

  4. Well that beats everything I’ve read today by streets. Happy 7th Anniversary, traditionally copper or wool, haha, a woollen jumper for him, and copper kettle for her……

  5. I’m not a fan of beets. But from this post, I know that you love Michael with every beat of your heart. Happy ANNiversary! ♡o。(๑◕ฺ‿ฺ◕ฺ๑)。o♡

  6. Lucky Seven! A beet brought you together. How romantic is that? I am very happy for the both of you. And the Beat Goes On brings back cool memories. Rock on!

  7. Your love is rooted in a shared dislike of beetroot but it appears nurtured by a shared love of wordplay. I am so glad you were able to move on from beets to cats and waterfront. Shana tova!

  8. Happy contactiversary! And congratulations on learning to like beets, although there’s an old joke that the reason borscht is called that is because that’s the sound it makes when it comes back up.
    Add enough sour cream though and it can’t be beet.

  9. Funny, we had beets for dinner last night. Not my favorite. Not my husband’s favorite either. Though we both like fresh young beets right out of the garden.

    The “Quiet” thing…? Hmmm… people say I’m quiet but I don’t feel quiet. So I guess it’s up for definition.

    Happy Anniversary!

  10. Happy Anniversary, Ann & Michael! Personally, I like beets, but the way I like to have them is to “educate” them with spices, vinegar, and sugar in a substantial sauce as Harvard beets. The recipe is simple, fast, and better if you add allspice or cinnamon to boost them to a higher level.

    Speaking of topping beets, sauteing beet tops in butter, with salt, pepper, garlic or garlic powder and a touch of apple vinegar or red wine makes an interesting vegetable.

    • I love the way you educate! ❤

      • Thank you! I assume that many people don’t always know what I’m talking about. Their curiosity might take them to the Internet to learn more…or not!

        But, when I add a simple link, they are more likely to take a look, perhaps learn something that is useful in their lives. Even a simple recipe to make beets more “tolerable” is worthwhile if people try it and like it. Knowledge is power, eh?!

        Even as a kid, my mantra was: I may not know what that is, but I know where to look it up. (I wore out the encyclopedia set in my home. Now, i wear out the Internet looking up things!)

      • I can relate!

  11. You two don’t miss a beet 💛 I actualy love beets …. as long as I remember that ate them the night before when I go to the bathroom in the morning. 😨

  12. wow, Ann
    just like i
    always say,
    beets can’t
    be beet 🙂

  13. My wise old grandmother adopted me when I was almost 11. One of the rules in her house was that you eat what you are served and clean your plate. One evening she put beets on my plate. I ate one bite and refused to eat any more. She made me sit there until I ate what I had been served and cleaned my plate. As soon as I did and she said I could leave, I threw up all over her beautiful chairs and carpet. She changed her rule for me. Never made me eat what I didn’t like.

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