Day 1729: New words 

Pre-form-ance Anxiety

The anxiety one feels before filling out a form.


New words or phrases inspired by new news stories (which may be related to knees).


A attitude of patronizing disdain based on a belief in the superiority and inferiority of different sexes.


Someone who gets squeamish about  death images associated with Halloween.


Looking to the sea for inspiration and solace.


A rapid heartbeat induced by unpleasant technology-related surprises.


Presenting a group of photographs together  with hopes that they illuminate, clarify, or entertain.


Using YouTube videos for the good of your blog.



An attitude of gratitude, especially at the end of a blog post, for all who contribute and all who read (including YOU)!

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20 thoughts on “Day 1729: New words 

  1. I think filling out is my pet hate, and for some reason over the last few years they seem to be getting harder to do, and definitely more complicated. I suppose I’m nearly a formophobiliac

  2. Optionophobia: Fear of making a phone call to a public body

  3. Preformance anxiety! When we go to a new MD these days we’re handed a tablet to fill out with a stylus. Mostly they are multiple choice, with a few areas to be filled in with a keyboard. I’m the designated filler-outer of such forms now, and the paper ones as well. Love your neologisms!

  4. Gratitude is going to stick with me today. I’ll be alert to Halloweenies over the next month 😊 Thank you Ann!

  5. Ann-thology: Finding your daily chapter of the Koplow blog on your WordPress blog email list.

  6. Blogadelphia…it’s not a city in Pennsylvania.

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  8. I have formophobia for sure. I break out in a cold sweat and my heart beats rapidly when I need to fill something out. Like a little kid getting an exam sheet in school

  9. I have form for ignoring forms.

  10. Nothing makes me happier than learning new words, except possibly the opportunity to use those new words, and “photogsynthesis” especially is one I’ll have plenty of opportunities to use since your blog always presents groups of photographs in ways that illuminate, clarify, and entertain.

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