Day 1727: What kind of day would be perfect for you?

What kind of beginning would be perfect for this day’s post?


What kind of day would be perfect for me?















Any kind of day that includes Leonard Bernstein‘s music would be perfect for me.


What kind of day would be perfect for you?

As usual, I like to end with thanks to all who help me create these posts every perfect day and — of course! — to you.


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27 thoughts on “Day 1727: What kind of day would be perfect for you?

  1. A day of sunshine, nature, good friends, good coffee and laughs. For a start.

  2. A Perfect Day, [Lou Reed song], for me would be to go a beautiful sandy beach with my special niece Kerri, who lives Philadelphia and suffers from SMA, and have one of those special wheelchairs that are made for the beach, and wheel her into the waves, and we’d thoroughly splash each other, she’s full of life, and I’m imagining that big beautiful smile and her gorgeous laughter as we frolick around in the surf for hours…. I think that would be perfect…..

  3. Everyday!

  4. A perfect day starts after a delicious sleep and the promise of sharing it with a special someone. Yes, and coffee and reading my friends’ blogs. It all comes together and feels good. Hope you have a perfect, feel good, day.

  5. A friend once told me she’d had a few days ih her life that were perfect and asked me if I’d ever had a perfect day. I was disturbed that I couldn’t think of a single day I’d call perfect. And yet in the years since I’ve come to think that the perfect day is the one to come. Every day I look forward to is the perfect one.

  6. Personally, I wouldn’t mind following you around on your perfect day(s). I love being in the company of people that are engaging in something that brings them joy. The energy is contagious. There’s plenty of smiles, and laughter, and positive body language. Plus, I would get to see the world through your eyes, which would give my perspective a new twist. My vantage point a new high.

    Additionally, I love all types of music, which is why I did so well in Music Appreciation at university. What a wonderful auditory experience, and the scenery to go with it ain’t bad either. Lots of people also living their perfect day in beautiful surroundings. A visual wonderland. Cool beans!!!

  7. One with connection and laughter 💛 you made my day Ann!

  8. I have several things that if pulled from my bag of tricks make a perfect day, so fortunately, an otherwise ordinary day can be pretty great. Absolutely perfect involves the ocean, but… I’ve been listening to some wonderful music all day and it’s sunny and warm and for the moment quite peaceful–a great day today. Highlighting of Leonard Bernstein really pleases me. I have a true lifetime admiration, beginning at an early age watching his famed children’s concerts on television. I am attending a Los Angeles Phil concert in February performing his “Mass,” and I am so excited. I have noticed in the past that you and I share strong similarities in musical taste. I hope your day tomorrow is also a perfect day, my friend.

  9. I’m with Miriam on a perfect day. And stopping by your blog 🙂

  10. A day with coffee, chocolate and book would be just purrrfect. ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ )

  11. I, my friend Ann, have been perfectly mixing with the throngs of special people flocking this weekend to soak up the atmosphere at the Annual Used Book Sale Down Under at our Liverpool Public Library. Their smiles as they find the titles right for them among the donated books makes my day, indeed.

  12. Any day – within reason:)

  13. A day where I had just a little more energy to spend would be wonderful.

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