Day 1722: Here, there, and everywhere

Yesterday, I was here, there, and everywhere as I attended an illuminating presentation about large groups, hung around with great people and animals, went for  walks near my new home, went food shopping with my boyfriend Michael, and watched the Emmys.

Here are photos I snapped there and everywhere.










Hey there! You’re awesome for being here, when you could be everywhere.

If you’ve been here before, you know I like to include music from everywhere. There’s this, from YouTube:

When I go here, there, and everywhere, I focus on gratitude.  Thanks to all who help me create these posts and here’s special thanks to you, there and everywhere.





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16 thoughts on “Day 1722: Here, there, and everywhere

  1. You hit all the right bases today, Ann.

  2. I haven’t done too much today Ann, I arose here at 8.00am, after brekkie, went out there to my courtyard, did some carpentry work, making a TV shelf and a little bookshelf, and then put paint everywhere, except on my shelving… , And I’m here at my desk “In My Room”, which is long way from you, over there, and I reckon there’s a lot of everywhere in between here and there……

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  4. Because I can’t be everywhere all the time, as much as I would like to be, I focus on things, like the appearance of Lamb Chop in your photos. And while Shari Lewis’s talent, her devotion to improving entertainment for children, and her co-writing a Star Trek episode all deserve attention what I prefer to focus on is that she liked to order rack of lamb in restaurants because it freaked people out.

  5. Your words and photos brought me so much joy this morning. The first photo made me laugh out loud, and I am still laughing. Amazing! Thank you, Ann, for being here, there, and everywhere!

  6. Oh, thank you so much for the song memory Ann.

  7. I’m hung up on the very first photo. Cracked me up! Or was it down? I also had to chuckle at the tiny pig and the oversize ant who will, of course, eventually take over the world! Ants of the world we are, here, there and everywhere. See…I just knew if I kept on typing I would come round right! 🙂

  8. sounds like an awesome day and wow to those sunset skies Ann!

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