Day 1721: The Greatest Love of All

One of my greatest loves is asking other people about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  What do YOU think is the greatest love of all?

Yesterday, I experienced many greatest loves, including  music industry great  Clive Davis’s great love of his work and the artists he has introduced  and nurtured over a great number of  decades.  One of my greatest friends, Eleanor — who I love and who works at Harvard Law School —  invited me to a bicentennial celebration event  honoring Harvard Law School graduate Clive Davis, which included a screening of the new film about his great life, The Soundtrack of our Lives. People in the great Harvard Law School auditorium greatly appreciated the movie and showed their great love for  Clive Davis  before, during, and after the screening . The end of the film (which also focused on the great love between Clive Davis and his discovery Whitney Houston) featured this great song:

I have a great love of taking photos wherever I go.  Do you see any greatest loves here?




































There’s the greatest music man, describing his greatest loves.

I have the greatest love for expressing thanks to all who help me create these posts and to you (of course!), the greatest readers of all.


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22 thoughts on “Day 1721: The Greatest Love of All

  1. Soon after Jackie and I had met again after nearly forty years apart, a fortune cookie from a noodle bar bore the message: ‘Nothing is more beautiful than love that has weathered the storms of life’. I have kept it

  2. You can’t love anyone else if you don’t love yourself. The love that created everything is perhaps the greatest-no strings attached.

  3. Oh Ann, I’m a bit of a softie, I have many “greatest loves”, however at this stage of my life, my greatest love is going to watch my niece April sing. She’s starting out in her career as an opera singer, and she warms my soul with admiration,of her extraordinary talent. she’s a Coloratura Soprano, next performance I’m going to see of her’s is in Melbourne on Tuesday 26th Sept, a “BK Opera” production of a modern opera called “La Voix Humaine”….. .

  4. I bet it was an amazing movie, Ann! ♡
    Diana xo

  5. Clive Davis has such a talent for finding talent. And…about those witches, don’t they all have attitude ???

  6. I am pretty much a simpleton on this question — but to me the greatest gift of all is life. Sounds so cliche, but really it is. Life gives you a chance to FEEL…to love, to hate, to laugh, to wonder. And every day is another chance to say Thank You. For it All.

  7. I think of the scene in The Plague by Camus when Rieux and Tarrou swim together at night. In that moment it’s clear that life is about more than merely surviving. It’s about connecting to others.
    It means so much more than that but that’s a way for me to begin making that connection.

  8. Great post! I have always loved that song by Whitney Houston and have always believed it to be true! Children are definitely our future and how we “teach” our children definitely creates a future for all of us. Something to really think about…

  9. Eleanor

    “What’s it all about Alfie”

    I believe in love, Alfie
    Without true love we just exist, Alfie
    Until you find the love you’ve missed you’re nothing, Alfie
    When you walk let your heart lead the way
    And you’ll find love any day, Alfie,

    Great post today, great night before.

  10. The greatest love is being able to enjoy life and feel loved and needed and all round good

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