Day 1720: Walk this way

Walk this way, please, to see what I saw when I was walking this way yesterday.


Whenever I see “walk this way,” I’m distracted this way:

I’m also thinking this way about “walk this way” this morning:

  • No matter which way you walk, that way will hold surprises,
  • It’s great to walk with good people along your way,
  • Try to walk this way with soul, joy, and authenticity, and
  • I snap photos as I walk this way.






What brings you joy as you walk this way?

Walk this way to today’s musical selection:

Please walk this way





to leave a comment your way.

I’d  like to thank people who help me create these posts and you (of course!) this way.


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26 thoughts on “Day 1720: Walk this way

  1. Thanks for this morning’s stroll, Ann.

  2. That walk was nice. I’m usually a born to run kind of guy 😉

  3. “Walk this Way” was hilarious. I only remember the “Young Frankenstein” and Monty Python clips and seeing those and the others were a real treat!

  4. We walk with you when you take your camera.

  5. Before I even opened your post, I thought of Mel Brooks’ Igor ! Thanks for the clips, it may be the oldest joke, but it still works for me.

  6. Today my walk will take me to my favorite island. And i will walk back this way in two weeks. Grateful for home.

  7. I’m so glad I moseyed to your blog today. As Billy Crystal said,”I’ve never moseyed before. I hope I did it correctly. I’ve strolled, I’ve ambled. I even sashayed once, but that was in front of a draft board.”

  8. I like the idea of considering who you walk with, Ann! ♡
    Diana xo

  9. Thought of Aerosmith immediately when I read your blog, Anne. I like walking this way with you, you always see cool things with soul.

  10. Aerosmith and Run DMC “Walk this way!!!!”-Love it! But the movie clips are hilarious. Thanks for helping me laugh this way today-Hahahahahahahaha!!!

  11. I’m agreeing with Diana, there’s value in considering who you walk with! Love that thought and there’s a gentle nudge in it to be mindful. My joy this weekend is that it’s a very quiet one, a somewhat necessary change. ❤️

  12. It’s a long walk to over your way, I’ll get there one day, maybe fly over on “My Dragon” today, and see if they’ll let us stay. … There’s time for Lily’s walk today, finally some warm sun-rays….

    • Thanks for walking and flying this way and I hope Lily’s okay.

      • Thanks Ann, Lily’s a tough little critter/ whoops girl, she might be listening. She’s still eating well, and still going on her walks. just that she’s got a bad heart cough, and we’re both a bit tired, haha, but I’m staying up and doing plenty of writing.

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