Day 1717: Worries, wishes, and prayers

I wish to tell you about yesterday’s therapy group, where people shared wishes and prayers as well as worries.

While I may wish my handwriting were better, I’ll do the best I can sharing what I wrote yesterday in that group.



I had more worries and wishes, but those are the ones I wished to capture with my camera.

Now I wish to share my other photos from yesterday. Do you see any wishes, prayers, or worries here?








Michael and I were worried about that bird last night, which was standing in the road.  It seemed sick and we wished to help. We tried to get it off the road, but it kept walking back into the street.  We did our best, walked away, and prayed and wished that bird would be okay. We worried that sometimes your wishes and prayers come true, but other times they don’t, which is for the birds.

If you wish, please share your worries, wishes, and/or prayers.

I now wish to share this song:


Don’t worry, I won’t forget to thank all those who helped me create today’s post and you — of course! — who I wish and pray will have a good day.



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13 thoughts on “Day 1717: Worries, wishes, and prayers

  1. There is much to wish for in our world this week, Ann. May all find safety returning from the roiled roads of Irma.

  2. I don’t really prayer at all, I’m a spiritual sort of person, and I so much wish for world peace in my lifetime, so they better hurry up, they’re running out of years… and as for worries, I’m worried that I might not find that “someone” to keep me company over the next decade or maybe two…

  3. There’s a rude saying about wishing in one hand and I won’t share the rest because it ignores the simple fact that every effort to make the world a better place, even with a small act such as trying to save a bird, begins with a wish to make the world a better place.

  4. Peace – in every sense

  5. I have long lists of people and circumstances that I pray for–I have a sense of prayer moving circumstances and yet I know there’s no guarantee that all things turn out to my liking! I just love your concern for that little bird. I hope he was indeed ok!

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  7. I loved the Cinderella video! My cat Daisy came running across the room while the birds were singing and jumped up to put her nose to the iPad, then she went around the back looking for them when they disappeared. The face on the page of Cinderella triggered a memory of trying to draw her face from a comic book or story book as a little girl. 🎨

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