Day 1713: Like a pro

Like a pro, I noticed this sign yesterday:


I see pros and cons in that, based on my previous profession as a copywriter.  These days, my profession involves asking questions, including these: Is it possible to go back to school like a pro?  If you are in school, aren’t you NOT a professional?

Back to defining terms, like a pro:

noun informal
1. a professional, especially in sports.
“a tennis pro”
1. (of a person or an event) professional.
“a pro golfer”

1. relating to or connected with a profession.
“young professional people”
synonyms: white-collar, nonmanual
“people in professional occupations”
2. (of a person) engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as a pastime.
“a professional boxer”
synonyms: paid, salaried
“a professional rugby player”
1. a person engaged or qualified in a profession.
“professionals such as lawyers and surveyors”
synonyms: white-collar worker, office worker
“affluent young professionals”

I rest my case, like a pro (even though I’m not a professional lawyer).

What does “like a pro” mean to you?  As you look around, who is acting like a pro?  Who needs to go back to school so they can act like a pro?

Any pros in my other photos today?




Here‘s “Like a Pro” by The Wizard, with people dancing like pros.

Thanks to all the pros and amateurs who contributed to today’s post and thanks to you — of course! — for reading like a pro.

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21 thoughts on “Day 1713: Like a pro

  1. I’d rather be a pro than a con, Ann.

  2. To my mind, anyone acting like a pro stands on sleazy streets wearing not very much

  3. What, me worry? Nope, you are a pro.

  4. I bet that display started out as “…like a boss” until someone pointed out this was meant for students, so some committee changed the word to pro, instead of hiring a copy writing pro.

  5. No, never felt like a Pro at school, very much the Amateur, as we had to pay our own way through school. Probably have been a Pro plumber, but very much the Amateur poet, and now as it approaches midnight here in Geelong, I shall wander outside and look up into the universe for my soulmates celestial star, and wish her a happy 41st Anniversary……..

  6. Dick DeBartolo, known as “Mad’s maddest writer” sold his first piece to Mad Magazine at the age of sixteen, while still a student, and turned professional right away. And yet my mind is also pulling up this from Bill Watterson:
    Calvin: What’s a pronoun?
    Hobbes: A noun that lost its amateur status.
    All I can think to say is how lucky we are to have such pros at making us laugh.

  7. You are an ALL-Pro

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  10. Yeah…no PROblem eh! _へ__(‾◡◝ )>

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