Day 1711: You could be at work now

Yesterday, on my drive into work, I saw this sign:


I know that sign was trying to sell me something, but I read that sign differently. I realized I could be at work now if

  • I had left much earlier or
  • I was working on other things, like solving world problems,  while I was sitting in traffic.

Actually, I AM at work now.  I’m working on this blog.  My thoughts, which go everywhere — into the past, the present, and the future — are at work, also.  Sometimes that thinking work is exhausting, especially when I get worked up.  I’m working on that.

Are you at work now?   You could be.

Let’s see if my latest photos work today.








All those photos were taken at work except for one, which was taken on my way into work.  It doesn’t  take much work to notice those Slinkies at work in my office.  People at work bring me slinkies because I work hard at explaining that human progress is like a coil (including a slinky).  We work on similar problems over and over again,  seemingly going in circles. No matter how hard we work, it can feel like we’re not making progress. However, if we work on it, we’ll notice that we’re always moving up. Each time we work our way around over similar territory, we have more wisdom and knowledge.  It takes work to incorporate that wisdom, but I’m working on the belief that it’s possible.

If you want to work your way to another post about how human progress works which I worked on during the first week of this blog, that works here.

You could be at work now listening to this tune that I enjoyed on my way to work yesterday (which includes a reference to slinkies). I think Mark Winkler does nice work.

My cats are at work now




… but neither of them plays piano. Yet.


Maybe Oscar’s working on that.

You could be at work now on a comment, you know.

Working thanks to Mark Winkler, slinkies, cats, pianos, and humans, especially those who are working on reading this blog, here and now.


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18 thoughts on “Day 1711: You could be at work now

  1. I did go to work today, a couple of plumbing jobs for Ivor the Poet. However it’s still terribly cold here.

  2. I am grateful every single day because I fully know that I could be at work now. But I’m not. Today is Thursday (I think, the days run together now), it’s 8:15 and I could be in my cubicle bringing up my computer, listening to voicemails sent to be after hours yesterday, making a list of problems to be solved and prioritizing them. They all always were priority. Or I could be stuck in traffic on the freeway commute worrying because I wasn’t at my desk yet opening my computer and listening to voicemails and prioritizing.

    But I am not.

    I am sitting in a Rhode Island hotel thinking about how to write a blog about all the amazing things I’ve seen and how it will be too long and I don’t have enough time before today’s adventure begins.

    And I am grateful. Every single day. That I am retired.

    Because I could be at work.

  3. Eleanor Topping


  4. Maureen

    I AM at work now and it is going pretty well. I have even borrowed a cat who looks a little like Oscar and who is sitting next to, and sometimes on, my laptop.

    But I am worried about some friends who are trying to drive away from Irma and are stuck in traffic with their kids. They would like to be at work now, too, but instead are hoping for a gas station.

  5. I’m too busy blogging to go to work

  6. I am at work. I need those socks. And I am SO grateful that you exist to walk me through some of this stuff!!!!

  7. I like your list of stressful issues. Especially the items “hurricane” and Hurricane Irma flooding.” Our winter home is in Naples. 😳 Every news alert, headline and weather service update brings more bad news. 😬 Thanks for the cat piano video. 😻 But I like your cats better than the song.

  8. Yeah! I’m doing the kazatsky (lol) because our dear friend finally agreed to evacuate his first floor apartment in Naples. The waiting is rough with this! Gov Scott has asked for healthcare volunteers & I’ll go down if our home is spared.

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