Day 1710: Rage

Yesterday, in a therapy group, people spoke about rage without rage but with sadness.  Somebody had witnessed a shooting on the way to group. Another person spoke about rage dividing siblings.  The group discussed the destructive forces of rage in families and also on the world stage.

Despite the focus on rage, the members ended the group with hope and gratitude for human resilience.

What are your thoughts about rage?  How does rage affect you?

I’m not sure what images to share today, since I took no photos yesterday. I shall look through my recent pictures for something that seems relevant.


There will be no miracles here, regarding rage.  We will continue to encounter rage, even though we may wish it away. However,  we can still do our best to connect, understand, learn, and grow.  And maybe, just maybe …


everything is going to be alright.

Check out this “Rage” that’s raging on  YouTube.


Thanks to Guy Collins Animation, to the National Galleries of Scotland, to people who heal in groups, and — of course! — to you, for reading this “Rage” post today.



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21 thoughts on “Day 1710: Rage

  1. I’m conflicted about rage. I’ve felt it. I’ve felt foolish for it. I’ve felt righteous in it. I’ve felt conflicted in it. I’ve never benefited from it…… I’ve felt it….

  2. I met a man at a singles gathering who told me his wife was a rageaholic. I’d never heard of that term and listening to him go on and on about her ongoing rage I felt like running far away. No mention of what he might have done to trigger her responses but I wondered.
    Divided siblings seem so common and makes me sad.
    Okay Ann, I’m going to get my coffee and control my outrage that the world is scary and out of my control- h bombs, hurricanes, resurgence in demonstrations of deep hatred for others and hope those in supposed charge of our welfare can keep calm.

  3. Unfortunately for the world, Anne, rage is too often a default reaction. Count to 10 and walk on!

  4. I’m not sure about rage, I’ve felt controlled anger at our medical system , I’ve ranted and raved on work sites, and I suppose rage is a combination of these, and lacking control, I’ve felt rage a few times, and I’ve always regretted my actions.

  5. Years ago I heard a story of a man who was known for his temper, but after a trip in a submarine more than two miles down, seeing life in a place where he’d die in an instant, he was changed. He still got angry but he directed his anger at things, never people.
    I often feel the same way. I get angry at things, mostly technology, but I never want to direct that anger at a person. When some stupid computer program isn’t working I step outside. Rage is a natural emotion but amazingly it’s nature, for me anyway, that has the greatest power to defuse it.

  6. One of my grandfathers was a rage-aholic, known for unpredictable outbreaks that included physical violence toward his seven sons and four daughters. My father compensated by doing it “the right way.” Controlled, ritualistic beatings that were never, according to him, out of control. Rage wears many faces, and in my case was turned inward. Thanks to a wonderful psychotherapist, I’ve healed from the inside out. One ‘rage’ in the last decade has been anger rooms that are supposed to offer a safe outlet. In my experience, anger expressed freely and destructively simply gives room for rage to grow. I loved the animation…Scary, too.

  7. I offer my thoughts on a topic that fuels rage in my next post that will be posted tomorrow.

  8. For some of us, Ann, your blog is all the rage

  9. Oy vey, what a video! Rage seems to be some people’s coping response to fear, especially the testosterone fueled ones. The default as it were. I’m so glad your group has you!

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