Day 1708: Delightful Creatures

“Delightful Creatures” may seem a strange choice for a title on September 4, 2017, but this blogging creature chooses to be full of delight today, because 

  • I’m home,
  • Many I love are alive and well, and
  • I saw many delightful creatures yesterday. 

One delightful and camera-shy creature I live with — my boyfriend Michael — worked on replacing this non-delightful fixture in the sink last night. 

And while I know that Michael struggled removing that old, ineffective, and stubbornly attached  fixture …

… this morning I found this delightful new addition in the kitchen sink. 

Isn’t Michael the most delightful creature?

Today’s delightful musical choice honors somebody who created and played music that delighted this blogging creature  for many decades — the late Walter Becker from Steely Dan. 

If any delightful creatures out there choose to leave a comment, that would be delightful. 

Delightful thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to all my delightful readers. 

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23 thoughts on “Day 1708: Delightful Creatures

  1. You are both delightful creatures … and having a handy person and chef around the house is the gratest!

  2. Delightful post Ann and I just love, how your cats are shown here 😀

  3. There’s no place like home. What were your festival highlights?

    • There were so many delightful creatures at the festival, it’s difficult to pick favorites! Thanks for the delightful comment.

  4. Walter Becker certainly delighted me through my decades, Ann. RIP, one-half of The Dan. He was a Major Dude next to the bonafide Donald.

  5. Haha, while the cats away, the mice do play !!

  6. Wow! That’s some delightful faucet! And how lucky are you that Michael is so handy? I can imagine geysers of water shooting ceiling high in the kitchen if a delightful but plumbingly inexperienced man did the job. How awful of me, I know! Harley seems so glad you’re there, and I love his perky tail, such a sign of confidence and good humor for a cat.

  7. The rainbow cast across your sink is a delightful thing. Walter Becker was a maker of delightful music. What makes these things delightful is our ability to take delight which makes us delightful creatures ourselves.

  8. Michael is wonderful and I am delighted that you are home and Oscar and Harley can enjoy your attention again.

  9. There is no place like home, unless you are homeless

  10. That is a delightful looking faucet and you do have quite a delightful boyfriend that he is able to do change a faucet like that!

  11. There’s no place like home

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