Day 1705: Meanwhile

Meanwhile, from Edinburgh, there’s this.


Meanwhile, on my last full day before returning home tomorrow, I’m sharing my photos from yesterday.





















Meanwhile, as my son and I have been whiling away the time with comedy, food, walks, talks, music, and good company  before he starts his second year at University of Edinburgh, there have been lots of meaningful things going on in the world.  I’m not sure what these will all mean, but let’s not be mean to each other in the meanwhile. Do you know what I mean while I’m writing this?

Meanwhile, here’s a video featuring Peter Brush and other U.K. comedians:

Meanwhile, thank you for visiting  and please come back soon!


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25 thoughts on “Day 1705: Meanwhile

  1. Meiji Zapico

    I love this post. So clever and pretty. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful post! Loved the chocolate. Loved the canal pic and the wise words about not being mean. Loved a worm’s guide to immortality, or at least the idea of it.

  3. Your post has been so yummy tonight. I’m a chocolate fan, and your pictures have sent me rummaging out in the pantry for the last of my secret stow.

  4. Mr. Militant Negro

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

  5. Takes me back to my visit to the gallery

  6. What a great visit you have had Ann 💛 I hope you didn’t buy the haggis spice chocolate though!

  7. You have done the best with the while you’ve spent on the Fringe, Ann. Never mean, always worthwhile.

  8. Meanwhile, back here in Calgary, I read your words and scan your photos and smile. Great start to my day!

  9. Weenix’s painting may be an allegory of the sense of smell but it’s the canal I see as an allegory of your blog: you steer the boat of your mind along through the world and share the most amazing sights with those of us who follow you.

  10. The world has been mean while you’ve been away.

  11. Thanks for this final goodbye tour! The world will be significantly less mean over here when you land with all your good-heartedness. I think that’s a word…..? Meanwhile…. 🙂

  12. I would go to Scotland JUST to take a break there.

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