Day 1703: Everything is going to be alright

Yesterday, we found out that everything is going to be alright at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.


Even though the weather was gloomy, most of  the beautiful river walkway to the museum was blocked off because of temporary damage due to rain, and I have a cold, I still believe that everything is going to be alright.  Do you?

Is everything alright in these other photos from Edinburgh?















“Everything is going to be alright” reminds me of this alright song by Kenny Loggins.

Any comments you leave will be alright with me.

Alright thanks from Edinburgh to all who helped me create today’s alright post and, also, to you.  Alright!!!

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23 thoughts on “Day 1703: Everything is going to be alright

  1. It’s very alright that you got into the excellent museum; get rid of that cold, though

  2. Everything is awesome when you’re in the frame with your son Aaron, Ann, even when you’re battling a cold.
    I love all the photos today. Beautiful place in our world.

  3. Thank you Ann, for informing me that “Everything is going to be alright”. I’ve written that down on bedside notepad. I shall read again before I go to sleep, I shall dream about the words, I shall wake up with the words beside me, as the new dawn arises, and i shall be alright….

  4. Have photos of one of my sons sanding next to those cardboard houses, taken this summer. We had such a wonderful walk along the Water of Leith path. I am sorry it was flooded for you. Actually, part of it was closed due to flooding when we were there, too, possibly in another spot, but we found another access spot. We came across the art museum by chance, not even knowing of it.

    I hope that your cold clears up very soon and doesn’t trouble you on your flight home.

  5. The grammarian in me cringes at “alright” but the linguist in me reminds it that language is flexible and always changing and that “alright” is all right. I hope your cold gets better. If you like licorice you can always treat it with some allsorts.

  6. Marcia Dubreuil

    Hey ANN! Force fluids, rest just a tiny bit, and continue having a wonderful time with wonderful Aaron. Also, who is the artist responsible for that installation of a cardboard city? I am very intrigued…

  7. That was definitely and all right post Ann! I’ve never been to the modern art museum … it looks great!. Hope you feel better soon. I do like your scarf!

  8. Yes everything is alright here with all these photos

  9. love that photo of you and Aaron- you look great, even if you have a cold which I hope will be alright soon!!

  10. Everything’s alright but for that cold!

  11. Very cool signage! Alright!

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