Day 1702: Inevitable quiet

On the last day of the 70th annual Edinburgh Festival Fringe, as things were quieting down, I noticed the words “Inevitable Quiet” on a poster.


I suppose it’s inevitable that I would point out the very unusual heart on that poster.

I took that photo quietly last night as workers ripped down weeks and weeks of thousands of posters quietly and noisily. Some used chain saws and other unquiet tools to remove the evidence of the month-long festival.  Soon after we witnessed the beginning of that inevitable process,  my son Aaron and I saw and heard noisy events like fireworks over Edinburgh Castle and a talented Shakespearean troupe performing an unquiet version of Romeo and Juliet in which Juliet was sh*t-faced.

Do you  see inevitable quiet in my other photos from yesterday?
















As Shakespeare wrote at the inevitable quiet of another play’s ending,  “The rest is silence …..”

…. except for the inevitable noise of today’s YouTube video:


I don’t know if this was inevitable for the entire run of Sh*t-Faced Romeo and Juliet at the Edinburgh Fringe, but on the last night both Romeo and Juliet also lived, to my quiet satisfaction. Those two young deaths are inevitably depressing.

I hope there’s not too much inevitable quiet in the comments section for this post. That would also be depressing.

Inevitable thanks to all who helped me create today’s quiet and unquiet post and — OF COURSE! — to you, for visiting.   Make some noise, people!



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38 thoughts on “Day 1702: Inevitable quiet

  1. It was inevitable that upon seeing that beautiful heart made of cobblestones that I would love it Ann.

  2. Almost all your photos look inevitable quiet, Ann 🙂

  3. I’m afraid it’s inevitably quiet over here in Geelong as well, quietly cold still, quietly not much work for the plumber/poet, quietly listening to John Williamson singing his Aussie ballads, and I’m quietly eating my ice-cream, All’s quiet except for Lily’s quite frightening heart cough !!

  4. The end of the Fringe brings much glorious garbage, Ann!

  5. It is quite inevitable that you would find a heart of bricks

  6. Oh, I loved this post and all the photos. Wonderful book titles! (Is there any text inside those books, or are the covers the entirety? Still brilliant, though.) I loved seeing Edinburgh in all its Fringe finery through your blog. We were there earlier this summer (our only time in Edinburgh, ever). It was pre-fringe but still wonderful and still very crowded. One of my kids wants to study there now. Maybe one day I will attend the Edinburgh Fringe! But if that never happens it’s okay, as I feel that I have been there a few times with you.

    Hope you have a spectacular post-Fringe time with Aaron.

    • Thank you for another spectacular comment, Maureen. That’s exciting that one of your kids wants to study in Edinburgh! It’s inevitable that I would quietly tell you that the titles you loved in this post were on magnets, not books. ❤

  7. I hope that pile of paper doesn’t inevitably end up in a dump but is inevitably directed to recycling!

    It is inevitable, holidays end and summer shifts to autumn and you will return to this side of the Atlantic. Enjoy the inevitable ending of your trip. ❤

  8. Some days we are stardust. Other days w are dinosaur pee, depends. Loved the YouTube trailer. It makes so much sense now. I hope you have a stupendously raucous, fun day!

  9. I always love your blogs and pics, but something about today’s really twinkled my twinkie! We ARE a long time dead…best to make 150% of today count! Thanks for putting a smile on my work face!

  10. You did yourself proud with this set of photos, Ann! Lots of inevitable silence from the screen, but lots of belly laughs from me! Thanks for making the inevitable Fringe ending so enjoyable and eardrum-bursting noise kept to a minimum….:) My favorite photo: Make Grilled Cheese Great Again! Yuck……for more reasons than one.

  11. Woohoo! Dinna fash yersel ‘boot Aaron settling back in or your trip hame ❤️

  12. In Alice In Wonderland when Alice starts shrinking she’s afraid she’ll go out like a flame, and wonders what will become of her then.
    “And she tried to fancy what the flame of a candle is like after the candle is blown out, for she could not remember ever having seen such a thing.”
    What is there of the Fringe after the flame is out? A little smoke, and the memories. Enjoy the memories.

  13. Just dropped by to say hi

  14. Did you know you are now writing in a Scottish accent so I had to pay real close attention? 😂

  15. Dreamer9177

    I’ve never been to Scotland or Edinburgh, but a good friend recently moved back there because it was home for her. Now I have a greater understanding of why she wanted to go back.

  16. That Shit-faced Shaespeare was fun! Poor girl will become an alcoholic if she drinks 2 bottles of Proseco a night, right?

    • Only one person is drunk during a performance and there are so many people in every shit-faced Shakespeare troupe that each actor very rarely gets drunk. Does that quiet your kind concern, Sunny?

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