Day 1701: Very unusual hearts

My very unusual heart was happy to connect, yesterday, with two people who also have very unusual hearts.


Andrena, Vicki, and I have congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries (cctga). That’s a very unusual heart condition and it’s very unusual when three of us can share a heart-to–heart-to-heart talk.

My very unusual heart overflowed with gratitude  as we shared what was in our hearts.  Then, my very unusual heart spent another unusual day in the heart of their very unusually beautiful and busy city of Edinburgh.




















For Andrena, Vicki, and me, living with very unusual hearts is business as usual. Because we’re in this together, we are not afraid.

This very unusual heart loves jazz, so last night I  attended ” Jazz at the Movies” …


… at the Edinburgh Jazz Bar …


… and heard this very unusual song.


Do you think that everybody wants to be a cat?  I hope you express what’s in your very unusual heart in a comment, below.

Thanks,  from the bottom of this very unusual heart, to all the very unusual hearts and very unusual cats that helped me create this very unusual post and — as usual! — to you, for reading it.


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29 thoughts on “Day 1701: Very unusual hearts

  1. Wonderful photos. Looks like you’re having a fab time. Glad you got to connect with similar hearts.

  2. It takes very unusual hearts to gather at the fringe

  3. how wonderful that you could find fellow unusual hearts. and i love the show posters –

  4. What connections in the unusual hearts club.

    And by the looks of the pictures you have been busy with that heart of yours!

  5. Now that’s unusual, there’s an Australian production on at your Edinburgh Fringe, “Good With Maps”, starring Jane Phegan(she’s really good), hope you’ve got the heart to go along and support us Aussies .

  6. Today’s post is awesome times three, Ann.

  7. I suspect that most of us here in our hearts wish we were with you in Edinburgh right now, and there’s nothing unusual about that.

  8. I love the music! What a catlike voice she has. As do the instruments. It’s great to see you in the pic with your heart friends.

    As for being a cat, sometimes I envy our lovely and unusual Smudge who seems to have no worries at all–just so we humans stay on schedule with the program! His, of course…. 🙂 My slightly (compared with yours) unusual heart and its lovely caretaker/pacemaker, Lucy (I Love Lucy!), are all excited that you talked about hearts today! They tell me they’re feeling quite hearty just now. And thanks for asking.
    From the bottom and top of my heart to yours, Elouise

  9. What a heart felt post Ann 💛 I’m so glad you got to meet up with your hearty friends 😊

  10. I love that song from The Aristocats! My grandson and I boogie to it every time we watch the movie. And I love your boogieing in Edenburgh! The posters are so unusual and unique — I wonder if it’s just the city or if it’s Europe or if I live in a closet! Keep going!

  11. Bloody great photos that this unusual heart liked

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  13. amandavanniekerk

    A hairless kitty cat in a little blue jumper, and the Ladybird book on Mindfulness! ♡ Fascinating and definitely unusual. … !

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