Day 1700: What are the odds?

What are the odds that

  • somebody obsessed with odds and odd things  has never published a post with this title before?
  • The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally would reach its 1700th consecutive day of blogging?
  • three women with the extraordinarily rare heart condition of Congenitally Corrected Transposition of the Great Arteries (cctga) would all be in Edinburgh at the same time, to meet for breakfast later today?
  • those same three women met for the first time at the same exact place two years ago?
  • this blogger, who likes to refer to her old posts, would include a link to that prior meeting here?
  • my son, after attending several Fringe Festivals in Edinburgh with his mother, would apply to the University of Edinburgh and get admitted to a 5-year program in Mathematics where they probably discuss probability and odds?
  • I actually had no worries yesterday after publishing a post with that name?
  • we would return to Forsyth’s Tea Room yesterday to revisit with the lovely Christina, who figured prominently in this post from two years ago?
  • if you visit that post from two years ago you’ll see other people we encountered again yesterday at the 2017 Festival Fringe, including the very talented Durham Revue?
  • Scottish coins looks so odd to us that we might confuse it with chocolate coins, which Christina gave to us yesterday?
  • there would be so many beautiful days in Edinburgh during this time of the year?
  • somebody taking  Coumadin/Warfarin would be able to control her Vitamin K consumption while she’s traveling by eating the exact right amount of spinach every day?
  • people would be able to keep track of time well enough to make it to all their scheduled shows at a festival like the Fringe?
  • a comic genius like Neal Portenza (a/k/a Joshua Ladgrove) would have dinner with two of his biggest fans from the USA?
  • readers will actually respond to any of these questions in the comment section below?
  • this exact series of photos would make it to this post today?













What are the odds that I would include this odd video here?

What are the odds that I would end this post with thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and YOU, for reading?  Pretty good.

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29 thoughts on “Day 1700: What are the odds?

  1. Great puctures

  2. The odds are definitely on you attending the Edinburgh Fringe next year

  3. The odds are in your favor my friend!

  4. I bet with the hose that this would be a sucessful and well-read blog and we both won. Congratulations on the Milestone and it sounds as if you are making some more great memories in Scotland.

  5. I like you even when you’re odd, Ann. Not probably. Definitely.

  6. The odds are pretty high that I would be buying that millionaire’s shortbread if I were in that bake shop. Looks amazing!

  7. Hi Ann, what are the odds that I choose today to come read you post about odds. It seems everything is going well for you and good times are being had in Scotland. We are doing well over here, just waiting for the cool weather to come, and the blistering hot days of the California summer to leave. Checking the skies for the odd cloud or two, checking the Weather Channel for anything but 0% probability of rain.

  8. What a wonderful walk down memory lane for me. I lived in Edinburgh for 15 years a d so enjoyed The Festival Fringe. I am so glad you had such a lovely time. 🌼🌼🌼

  9. Where friends, family and love abide so too does God. And then the odds are at their best.

  10. Whenever someone asks “What are the odds?” I remember Arthur C. Clarke who said we can always be certain things do happen but never certain they don’t. Everything’s possible. Some things are just more likely than others.

  11. I’ve got a little saying “If things don’t change, they’ll remain the same” and what’s the odds of that not happening, and what’s the odds of an Ivor, from way down in Geelong, southern Victoria, Australia, chatting with an Ann from America, who’s on holidays in Edinburgh, Scotland…… keep on laughing…..!!

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  13. The odds are looking better all the time Ann 😎

  14. I love all those odds!

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