Day 1699: No worries

“No worries” is a phrase that originated in Australia. I have no worries, this morning, about …

  • writing my third blog post titled “no worries” in four and a half years of blogging,
  • linking to those previous blog posts here and here,
  • people with great expectations perhaps preferring my earlier posts to this one,
  • taking my time responding to others,
  • remembering to take my medication,
  • losing things,
  • being on vacation, and
  • snapping photos wherever and whenever I can.
























I have no worries that one of the excellent comedians shown above has a congenital heart condition and that we showed each other our open-heart surgery scars in public.  I also have no worries that two of the lovely people portrayed in the photos above are from Australia and say “no worries” instead of “you’re welcome.”

I have no worries about giving you more details in this blog post because


the end of this post is nigh.

No worries about including this music today.

Thanks to all who help me create this daily blog and — of course! — to you, whether or not you respond “no worries” in a comment today.


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27 thoughts on “Day 1699: No worries

  1. I notice the people who lived in Hawaii replied “no worries” to my thank you’s this recent trip as well, Ann. Thank you for this excellent demonstration that Australian folks do as well!

  2. No worries about your blog posts! I’ve enjoyed them all so far, since I found you years ago. Have a ball today!

  3. Ahh yes, the famous Aussie slang – No worries, mate! ~(‘▽^人)

  4. I might have some worries about missing out on something amazing given the options you have available! Wow!

    And good for you both for checking out each other’s scars! No worries!

  5. You are a beautiful soul, Ann. And I have absolutely no worries after reading your post.

  6. I thought the man in the blue-striped shirt was comedian Phill Jupitus, who is performing at the Fringe, but he looks quite different. No worries, though. Every person captured by your camera is warm, witty, and wonderful.

  7. amandavanniekerk

    We say No Problem here in South Africa 😊

  8. I have no worries coming here, because this is a good place to visit, do I have worries in general, some but not many can’t see the point they only give you wrinkles not grey hair, grey hair I have without worries, just saying

  9. I love all your pictures, and that T-shirt that says, It’s not me!!! The vid isn’t available here, which is disappointing, but I’ll always be willing to take a cup of kindness!

  10. Such wonderful photos and so many interesting entertainment venues! I find it interesting that I often say “no worries,” and I don’t even remember when that started. If we could really mean it, “no worries” would be a nice vibration to put out there as often as possible. 🙂

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  12. I get so worried that I might repeat a title, as I have done a couple times, that I check first 🙂

    • I check first, too, Derrick, but I should have no worries about that because the Day # makes every post title different!

  13. I had no worries entering this post, and am leaving even worrylesser because of McFly. I love McFly!!!!!

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