Day 1698: Whose Blog is it Anyway?

Whose blog is it anyway?

It’s the blog of somebody who

  • is seeing “Whose Line is it Anyway?” today at the Edinburgh Fringe

  • makes mistakes, like double booking

  • sometimes runs late

  • loves macaroni and cheese

  • enjoys being surprised by chocolate and by bliss

  • needs to monitor and control her Vitamin K consumption because she’s on Warfarin

  • doesn’t get shit-faced but loves Shakespeare

  • loves Scotland and misses her cats.

Whose blog is it anyway? It’s my blog, so I’m going to post a video.

Whose comment is it anyway? I hope it’s yours.

Whose gratitude is it, anyway, for all who helped me create this post and all who are reading it? Guess!

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25 thoughts on “Day 1698: Whose Blog is it Anyway?

  1. It is good to see, that you are enjoying all the good culture, as Scotland also offers Ann 🙂

  2. Awww! I know what it is to be away from my two kitty boys for a long time – two months, 10 days in the hospital and rehab last year – and I cried when I opened a letter and found me my sister enclosed photos of them she downloaded from my blog and printed to send to me.

    When we were reunited, they were very clingy for a couple weeks, then we got back to routine. I hope you have a happy reunion soon with yours!

  3. Glad you are enjoying your time in Scotland, Ann.

  4. You lined ’em up for us this morning, Ann.

  5. You seem to be having such a wonderful and happy time, so for a little contrast I’ll send you “a few lines” of Leonard Cohen’s, “If you are the dealer
    I’m out of the game
    If you are the healer, it means
    I’m broken and lame
    If thine is the glory then
    Mine must be the shame
    You want it darker
    We kill the flame”
    Break a leg Ann, and keep having fun over there in Scotland !!

  6. My husband and I have attended Fringe Festival a couple of times. We love it…and Edinburgh in general. Have a fantastic time!!

  7. £8.75 seems like a great deal for seeing Whose Line live, although British money always reminds me of a useful footnote on the older currency provided by Messrs. Pratchett and Gaiman:
    Two farthings = One Ha’penny. Two ha’pennies = One Penny. Three pennies = A Thrupenny Bit. Two Thrupences = A Sixpence. Two Sixpences = One Shilling, or Bob. Two Bob = A Florin. One Florin and One Sixpence = Half a Crown. Four Half Crowns = Ten Bob Note. Two Ten Bob Notes = One Pound (or 240 pennies). One Pound and One Shilling = One Guinea.
    The British resisted decimalized currency for a long time because they thought it was too complicated.

  8. such deep questions
    for early morning!
    who’s indeed 🙂

  9. Edinburgh is so beautiful. Enjoy all the plays! I did like your video!

  10. Someone who is really enjoying life

  11. Again, going backwards, this ALSO twinkles my twinkie! Am glad to see you are really enjoying your trip. AND life.

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