Day 1697: Merrily we roll along

Merrily we roll along to yet another blog post from the Merry Festival Fringe in Merry Olde Edinburgh, Scotland.

Merrily We Roll Along is a Stephen Sondheim musical I’ve been wanting to see for along, long time.  Every time we roll merrily along to Edinburgh for our yearly visit, I become less merry, momentarily, when I discover that Merrily We Roll Along has been at the Fringe but has rolled along out of there before we arrive. This year, I rolled along to a different strategy and booked tickets to see Merrily We Roll Along  in Boston when I merrily roll along home in September.

Yesterday, as I was merrily rolling along the Royal Mile, I saw this:


I was so merry to see this that it took Paul …


…   several tries to merrily roll me along to an understanding that this was NOT the Sondheim musical but rather the play that musical was based on.  Paul, who is the director of the first revival of  Kaufman and Hart’s Merrily We Roll Along  to roll along in many decades, merrily urged me to roll along to see the play.  I merrily agreed, since I’ve been a merry fan of  George Kaufman and Moss Hart as the years have rolled along. Indeed, one of my favorite books when I was merrily young was the biography of George S. Kaufman by Howard Teichmann.  (If you wish, you can merrily roll along to this description of that book.) Kaufman was not exactly merry but some of the wittiest words I’ve ever merrily read rolled off his tongue.  When I was at my first job, I merrily used his line “Forgotten but not gone” about somebody who had quit but hadn’t yet rolled along out of there.  That line was merrily received by some.

Shall we merrily roll along to my other photos from yesterday?



















Before I merrily roll along to breakfast and then to Merrily We Roll Along, I merrily recommend N.E.A.L. P.O.R.T.E.N.Z.A., LAID, JAYDED, The Durham Revue, and Manual Cinema’s Lula Del Ray. Later this week, we’ll merrily be rolling along to dinner with Neal Portenza (a/k/a Joshua Ladgrove),  who is merrily doing a card trick above.

But first, let’s merrily roll along to this YouTube video.

Comments from you help me merrily roll along, so please roll along to the comment section, below.

Merrily, I thank all who helped me roll along to the end of another daily post and — of course! — YOU.


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32 thoughts on “Day 1697: Merrily we roll along

  1. I’m revisiting the soundtrack now, thanks for the reminder. I saw a production in London about 10 years ago. How did you find the venue? I had a show in the Space at venue 45 a few years back.

  2. I merrily rolled along through this post, chuckling at the merriment of it all. πŸ™‚

  3. I enjoyed merrily scrolling through this post and the wonderful photos! Looks like such a good time!

  4. I so happily enjoyed, frolicking and jiving along to the Overture from “Merrily We Roll Along”, and I’ll be joyfully rolling into bed soon…

  5. Looks like you are having so much fun? I love the menu!

  6. Oh, happy day for you, Ann!

  7. How merry! Roll along now and eat, drink, stroll, click and applaud! πŸ½πŸΊπŸšΆπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ“±πŸ‘πŸ»

  8. This takes me back to the refrain that opened Saturday morning picture seconds in the 1940s. As the organ rose from the pit, the MC led the singing of “Here we are again, happy as can be, all good pals and jolly good company” joyfully shrieked by hundreds of children.

  9. For seconds read sessions – I blame WP

  10. Merrily rolling through your posts it’s impossible to not stop and peruse the amazing pictures and imagine the sheer wonder that the Fringe Festival must be.

  11. May you keep moving merrily along Ann πŸ’›

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  13. I was fortunate enough to have seen both versions of Merrily We Roll Along: the original at UC Irvine and the revised version at the La Jolla Country Playhouse. The early song “Rich and Happy” was deemed too controversial and removed from the revised version. It’s rather a dark vision of greed and betrayal, but it is worth seeing.

  14. nice to see you
    rolling out
    so joyfully πŸ™‚

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