Day 1696: The key to happiness

One of my keys to happiness is learning about the experience of others. So I am happy to ask you, here and now, about your keys to happiness.

Another key to happiness, for me, is sharing my thoughts and photos in this daily blog.


That’s the key to our hotel in Edinburgh, lying on a table at Petit Paris, a French restaurant we always visit here. Travel and great food are other keys to happiness, I think.

Do you see more keys to happiness in my other photos from yesterday?












It’s not imaginary that another key to happiness is associating with good humans, like my ex-sister-in-law’s husband Joe …


… and comedian Ron Lynch (who was playing in several unrecognizable keys on stage yesterday).


Here’s another Key to Happiness in recognizable keys, on YouTube.

Thanks to all who gave me every key to happiness I needed to create today’s post and to my readers (including you!)  who are more keys to my happiness.



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25 thoughts on “Day 1696: The key to happiness

  1. I lost my first key to the happiness doorway, and have had a few doorways open and shut over the years, and I’m still searching for that elusive key. But my main key to happiness at the moment, is living in my own little villa, and waiting for the weather to warm up !!

  2. That’s quick a list. For me, it’s 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

  3. Following Ivor’s lead, I left my second key to happiness in a door in Wimbledon more than 40 years ago. It has found its way to our current front door.

  4. a key to happiness is surrounding oneself with good friends. and visiting your blog of course Ann!

  5. That lady and her “smut while you wait “…thanks for the laughs, Ann. Not sure I have the key, but being true to oneself is a great start on the path to happiness.

  6. I’m happy that you’re having so many keys struck right over there, Ann.

  7. Wish I were there! My Scottish genes are jealous! Did you avail yourself of the smut-while-u-wait? That is very intriguing! I think you’re a very good cat mommy to FaceTime Harley from away so he knows you didn’t fall off the face of the earth. 😻

  8. My key to happiness is choosing to be happy in whatever situation I’m in. I laugh when things are good, and I always try to find some measure of humor when times are not-so-good. Seize all moments.

    The “Smut-while-you-wait” pic just opened up whole new career change ideas for me!

  9. In one of my English classes a classmate labelled Adrienne Rich’s poetry “smut”. It didn’t matter what a poem was about. As long as it was by Rich it was “smut”. At first I got angry and then I laughed. I could have gotten defensive but I realized neither of us was objectively right or wrong. It was a matter of opinion and opinions are like armpits. Most of us have a couple and some of them stink.
    Realizing that was a key to happiness.

  10. Not sure that I’ve ever found the key. I live in a semi- happy state of mind.

  11. A lovely post 😊 I just published my 5 tips for happiness if you like to check it out 🤗 Have a good day! Marina

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