Day 1695: Humans

I’m seeing lots of humans (and humanity) in Edinburgh, Scotland, during the 70th Festival Fringe.















Those last three photos include extraordinary humans Ron Lynch and Natalie Palamides. Ron suggested we accompany him yesterday to see Natalie’s wonderful one-woman show, LAID (reviewed here by humans) and so we did, with many other appreciative humans. That last photo shows Natalie talking to another human who also dresses up as an egg in her one-woman Fringe show. What are the chances that more than one human would dress up as an egg at the 70th Festival Fringe?


Ron Lynch is a human and humane comedian this human has blogged about many times.  Here’s Ron with another one of my favorite humans:


my son Aaron.

Last night, Ron, Aaron, and I saw legendary Boston comedian and humane human  Barry Crimmins share his trenchant views about humanity at another Fringe show.


Ron introduced us to Barry, saying, “She took my stand-up comedy class in Boston years ago and now he does stand up!” It’s amazing what humans can do.

Barry Crimmins, like the Edinburgh Fringe, has spent many years defying the norm.  Here’s Barry with some other comedic humans:

This human likes to end her blogs with gratitude, so thanks to all the humans who helped me create today’s post and thanks to you — of course! — for being human, here and now.

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24 thoughts on “Day 1695: Humans

  1. Ah, Edinburgh rocks! Lucky you, enjoy.

    Funny video much appreciated.

  2. Aaron is a more bushy human

  3. Barry Crimmins, is awfully funny, hope you humans are having a fun time, throwing eggs around….

  4. You’ve got the right vibe here, Ann.

  5. Hey Ann, very human of you to blog to us while in Scotland! I always enjoy whatever you post, even if I don’t know what the woman dressed like a potato croquette was trying to do!

    • She was dressed like an egg, even though her egg looked like a potato. Her show was brilliantly human. Very human of you to comment, Sunny!

  6. This human is always grateful to know the humanely human Ann!

    And btw, this human did not know that The Fringe began in Edinburgh! Grateful for that info!

  7. While I’ve been a fan of Ron Lynch ever since Dr. Katz I’ve inexplicably missed the brilliant Barry Crimmins for too long. Knowledge, though, is like herpes: every once in a while it flares up. Unlike herpes, though, flare ups of knowledge are a wonderful thing.

  8. I am human and I like coming here like most of the humans who come here as I am sure they come here because they like the blog just like this human likes the blog

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  10. Brilliant 🤡

  11. Nicholas Lawson this the most insulting thing on the internet TRUTH IN ADVERTISING ADVERTISING

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