Day 1694: Enjoy

Here are my latest photos from Edinburgh, which I hope you enjoy.

















For two weeks,  my son Aaron and I will stay in the happy place of Edinburgh. Then, Aaron will stay here to enjoy his second year at University and I’ll fly home to enjoy my new happy place by the sea with my boyfriend Michael.  By the way,  today is Michael’s birthday.  Enjoy!

I enjoy thanking all who help me create this daily blog and all who enjoy reading it.  Enjoy this enjoyable day, wherever you are.


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36 thoughts on “Day 1694: Enjoy

  1. I like the night shot with the lit dome. Happy birthday to Michael

  2. Happy Birthday to Michael, Ann 🙂
    Enjoy your vacation with your son.

  3. Enjoy your holiday.

  4. MAG

    Happy birthday for Michael. It’s a good day this year.

  5. happy birthday to michael, best of luck to another year at uni for aaron, and to you, for your new place by the sea and for the wonderful things you share with us –

  6. Happy birthday Michael!!!! I enjoyed ALL of this. I will have to remember the Scottish Bagpipes for my birthday!!!! I love that sound. 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday, Aaron! Enjoy sharing the excellent flavours of Edinburgh with your Mom!

    • Aaron is enjoying Edinburgh, Mark, but it’s not his birthday. Every August, we leave the birthday boy (Michael) behind as we visit the Fringe. Next year, Michael might enjoy his birthday here with us, which Aaron and I would truly enjoy.

  8. Happy Birthday to Michael! Glad you and Aaron are able to kick around for a few more days. What fun! Krispy Kreme. So awful and so good. I hope you spend most days just looking. Take care and enjoy Edinburgh and Aaron in the days ahead.

  9. I forgot to mention it earlier, but Dean Friedman is performing at The Fringe again this year he is from NYC and I’ve been listening to his music since 1980. He’s more famous in Europe than here, but I bet you’d like him. Politically/socially you two are twins It’s a busy looking website, but tour information can be found towards the right.

  10. Happy birthday to Michael! And I am blown away to see that a live “Whose Line” is being hosted by Clive Anderson and features some other amazing veterans from the original series. It would be hard not to enjoy that.

    • Even though most of those shows were sold out, Aaron and I are overjoyed we got tickets to see “Whose Line” on Friday! Thanks for the enjoyable comment, Chris.

  11. Happy birthday Michael!

    • I spoke to him last night and he was happily enjoying his birthday with the cats back home. I enjoyed your comment, Maureen.

  12. I enjoy coming here, I also enjoy chocolate, pizza, Krispy Kreme donuts and many other things

  13. Happy Birthday Michael and I so enjoy seeing you are there again!! What a year my friend! Happy for you-ENJOY!

  14. Not a happier place than Edinburgh, wish you a great two weeks. Enjoy Aaron’s birthday and the making of many memories!

  15. I really Ann-joy reading your blog! ♡^▽^♡

  16. Happy Birthday Michael! Keep sharing the goodies Ann! I’m feeling nostalgic 😎

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