Day 1693: Happy

Here’s what I found in our hotel room in Edinburgh:

I’m happy that

  • I’m in Edinburgh with my son Aaron for the Festival Fringe and
  • I feel so much better than I did at this time last year.  

Do any of my other photos today make you happy?

Here’s a song that always makes me happy. 

I’m happy to thank all those who made this happy post possible and — of course! — you, who happen to make me happy. 

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47 thoughts on “Day 1693: Happy

  1. ALL of these photos make me so happy!! Have SO much fun and celebrate how far you have come since last year. ENJOY!

  2. It is always good to see people happy. I personally believe it is a choice. Thank you for this post. Peace and Blessings

  3. Happy to see that you got there safely. All your photos make me happy but the last two in particular. Love Pharrell Williams as well.

  4. toll !!!!

  5. Eleanor

    Happy to see you in a place that makes you happy!
    And truly a much better place than last year.
    Have fun. I’ll see you when you get back.

  6. Your blog makes me happy

  7. I think this is a wonderful start to your visit! I love that entertainment overseas looks and tastes different. And to be in Edinburgh is the best happy time of all!

  8. I’m happy that you’re so happy, doing so well, and that comedy and performing are obviously alive and thriving.

  9. To answer your question: Yes! Your happy face. It warms my heart.

  10. I’m so happy to hear that you are feeling much better than last year. Hope you have a wonderful time with Aaron.

  11. You, being happy, is happy inducing. 🙂

  12. I am happy with life because being sad isn’t a good thing, I chose to be happy over sad

  13. Wonderful!

  14. I’m happy that you’re happy, and life is happier when we’re all happier, and I’m happy to see the sun smiling this afternoon.

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  16. You will have a very happy time

  17. I’m happy that you’re happy at The Fringe, Ann!

  18. It makes me happy that you and your son have such a wonderful relationship!

  19. I love that photo of the musicians walking the marionette up the street
    Is that the Golden Mile?

  20. I wonder if you will see the eclipse from there?

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  22. o(〃^▽^〃)o

  23. I am so happy for you and Aaron, Ann 😁 … and the sun is shining to boot. I’m looking forward to seeing the antics and hearing the stories ❣️

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