Day 1690: What makes life worth living?

Yesterday, in a therapy group, somebody asked this question:

Using one word, what makes life worth living?

Somebody replied, “Love.”  Somebody said, “Learning.”  I said, “Everything,” which I thought might be cheating, but people didn’t think so. We noticed that  nobody said “Money.”

Then, last night, after many hours of shopping and trekking all over the South Shore of Boston in preparation for my trip to Scotland on Saturday, I discovered that my wallet was missing.  Suddenly, life seemed very difficult (although still worth living).  Michael suggested we retrace our steps and that I also call the Target Store in Braintree, which was about to close in fifteen minutes. I was almost positive that my wallet was not at Target, but I called anyway.

Here’s the phone conversation:

Me: I was at your store earlier tonight and I’m missing my wallet. I was wondering if anybody turned it in.

Customer Service Representative:  What does it look like?

Me:  It’s mostly  red and black. It’s made from recycled billboards.

Customer Service Representative:  Is there a name on cards?

Me:   Ann Koplow.

Customer Service Representative:  Yes.  It’s here.

I think the word “Yes” can make life worth living. Or, at least, less of a hassle.

Let’s see if my photos from yesterday include anything that makes life worth living.









Just so you know, I took all of yesterday’s photos before I knew that my wallet had been lost or found.

Here’s what comes up on YouTube, over and over again, in response to “What Makes Life Worth Living.”

I am ending this post with one word: “Thanks.”






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48 thoughts on “Day 1690: What makes life worth living?

  1. I think being free to make a trip to Scotland makes life worht living! 👏🏻😀

  2. Doing whatever it is that you love I think. And Life is beautiful when we realize this is the case. Peace and Blessings.

  3. Life makes life worth living. Great news about your wallet

  4. What Makes Life Worth Living, and It’s ironic, love, peace and harmony came straight into my mind. I’ve just sent a message to Chatter Master, about a similar subject. If you’ve the time to watch a 30min short film, I’m pleased to recommend a video sent to me via, shraddha1993, free to express, “Mumbai Varanasi Express”, Darsham Jariwala, Royal Stag, Barrel Select, Large Short Film, and also direct via YouTube, after viewing, I think you’ll understand, I found the film enjoyable and enlightening.

  5. Here’s to honest people who turn in found wallets, Ann!

  6. For me, the answer to your question is, Life.

    And I too am happy you found your wallet!

  7. Glad you found your wallet Ann. I find that often when I am fairly sure of something, I’m wrong lol! ♡
    Diana xo

  8. The person who turned in your wallet helps makes life worth living.

  9. That happened to me once, too — and I wanted to hug the store clerk who turned it in. When do you go to Scotland?

  10. Enjoy your trip to Scotland and seeing your son again, Ann 😀
    You were so lucky to get your wallet back.
    To wake up every day make me happy.

  11. I used to work in customer service. Being able to help someone made the work worthwhile even if it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. You’ve brought to mind an interesting question, though. Life is very persistent and can be found in every part of the planet. What is it about living that makes life so resilient?

  12. Love love love.

  13. Don’t you love it when something you think is lost for good is found? I just experienced this when my Kindle disappeared. The books on it could have been downloaded again but I had tons of other irreplaceable documents on it that I use for work. When it was returned to me by somebody that went out of their way I almost cried. (Shhh, don’t tell anybody.) Getting to read your blog is a piece of making life worth living.

  14. Glad they had it…cause traveling to Scotland without your picture ID would be terrible!

    • Traveling to Scotland is never terrible, Dawn (especially since I had my passport somewhere else). Thanks for another worthy, lively comment. ❤

  15. Thank goodness that there are still good and honest people in the world. I needed to hear a story with a happy ending. Hope you have a wonderful time in Scotland.

  16. I think love, that human connection and yes, pet connection, make life worth hanging on for. Thanks Ann. The TedMed talk was very touching. I think I will use it to explore needed topics in my family. Enjoy Scotland.

  17. Fantastic post! Glad you found your wallet. Enjoy Scotland!

  18. That truly is a wonderful Yes Ann. My first thought in answering your question was “breathing” and then I realized I wouldn’t be living without it, so it is more about survival that being worthwhile. So my second thought is my “senses”.

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  20. I can certainly relate to the wallet story (twice!)

  21. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am glad that sum onnest persun fownd yore wallet at the store and ternd it in so that yoo cud git it bak!!! i no how importent those wallets ar to hyoomans it is wot mama and dada git owt evry time they buy me food and treets so obviusly it is a big deel!!! ok bye

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