Day 1688: Killing two birds with one stone

I don’t like killing, I don’t like killing one bird (much less two), and I don’t like throwing stones, but I’m using this title today because

  • it means “achieving two aims at once” and
  • I’m killing two birds with one stone right now.

The two “birds “are (1) an article I promised to write for a professional group therapy organization’s newsletter before I leave for a two-week trip to Scotland on Saturday and (2) today’s blog post.

The “stone” is the following:

When the intrepid editor of this newsletter asked me to write a 600 – 800 article about what it’s like to be the President Elect of NSGP, I thought that would be a relatively easy assignment. I mean, I write a blog post every day, I used to be a professional writer before I changed careers in the 1990s, and — most importantly — I AM the President Elect of NSGP, so that perspective is immediately accessible.

However, I’ve been working on this article for days, and it’s been remarkably difficult. Perhaps it’s difficult because in all the years I’ve been a member of this wonderful organization, I never dreamed I’d be writing an article like this one. Indeed, when a nominating committee member called me earlier this year to ask if I would consider being president, I asked, “president of what?”

Perhaps I’m finding this assignment difficult because I’m not sure how to separate out the perspective of an NSGP President Elect from all my other perspectives as a human being who

  • has a passionate belief in the healing power of groups,

  • kept changing careers until she found the right match for herself,

  • lives to communicate with others in a meaningful way,

  • loves her work providing open-access therapy groups at the Primary Care Practice at a major teaching hospital in Boston,

  • appreciates every opportunity to learn and grow,

  • maintains hope for the future even during difficult and challenging times,

  • has faith in people’s and organizations’ ability to adapt and survive,

  • is sustained by “personal medicine” including family, friends, music, good food, the ocean, travel, singing, cats, and NSGP,

  • was born with an unusual heart,

  • is sometimes intimidated by brilliant colleagues,

  • has learned to overcome fear in many aspects of her life,

  • tries to keep her sense of humor no matter what, and

  • is aware that she needs several hundred more words to complete this article.

Perhaps I can fill out the rest of that newsletter article with photos …





… and a YouTube video:


I’m thanking lots of birds with one sentence  — those who helped me create this post and those who are reading it, here and now.

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17 thoughts on “Day 1688: Killing two birds with one stone

  1. I like your way of killing birds, Ann 🙂

  2. Hi Ann, good luck with your piece. It seems delightful already.

    Perhaps you could use the rest of the space to grant yourself a new title as your first act of office. ‘President’ may not suit you all that well these days. Perhaps you could be chair, or guru, or whisperer.

  3. Hi Ann, I hope you’ve got big stone to chuck, and that you’re also a good shot, and that the birds are flightless and legless, I think maybe the poor little Kiwi, is your best chance !! Best of luck and congratulations….

  4. I’m sure your article will be brilliant! I just got back from Scotland–the weather was wonderful. Have a great time!

  5. Deadlines are inspirational! I know your article will be just as you envisioned it. Talk it over with the cats. They might have some input. Happy travelling to Scotland!

  6. I kill many things, ants, spiders, cockroaches, mice but what I don’t kill is this blog because this blog is awesome just like its owner

  7. I hope that writing this post opened up a burst of enthusiasm to embrace the “twofer” Ann! You are an old hand at Scotland … trust that you and Aaron will be ready for this wonderful jaunt 💛

    • I have a burst of enthusiasm for revisiting your homeland, Val! ❤

      • I wish I was coming with you Ann. I could do with some salty air and cool breezes … but wait, you already have them in Quincy! Now I am really jealous 😉

  8. I don’t think the article needs much more

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