Day 1687: Solutions

Yesterday morning, I spent several hours on the phone talking to three different people from the Apple Help Desk, looking for solutions for my photo-loading and storage problems. I explained to all three that these solutions were imperative to support my daily blogging habit.

After all that time, I believe that solutions have been found. I’m about to test that out, here and now.

But before I do, what if solutions have NOT been found? How will I react? Will I feel

  • discouraged,
  • panicky,
  • angry,
  • disappointed,
  • hopeless,
  • put upon,
  • exhausted,
  • betrayed,
  • abandoned,
  • accepting, and/or
  • amused?

No matter what the facts are or how I feel about them, I believe there will be more solutions in the future.

Pardon me, while I attempt to load photos into this post, to test out the many solutions we tried yesterday.






Yay!  The solutions are a success!

Do you see any solutions in my photos or in this YouTube video?

Thanks to all the wonderful people who provide solutions and (of course!) to YOU.




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22 thoughts on “Day 1687: Solutions

  1. I had a similar problem on my computer yesterday, and I bumbled around , getting discouraged, as I was hopelessly trying to fix it myself, found reset option for my Photos App, got all panicky, when the reset option said I’d lose my Photos Data, then disappointed with myself, because I really didn’t understand what I was doing, then angrily clicked the reset !! Rebooted my computer, feeling betrayed, no photos in my App, just black and abandoned. Exhausted I sat there accepting my life without 10 years storage of all my Photos……….. Then suddenly to my great amusement my Photos gradually started reloading into my Photo App, Haha, started patting myself on the back, Clever Ivor, I found the solution. !!!

  2. Yeah! Whew! Yeah to finding solutions Ann 💛

  3. Should Apple let you down in the future, you just give us readers the word and we will swarm them with chants of “Find a Solution for Anne!”

    NO one should have to spend a Sunday on the phone with a help desk!

  4. Beautiful photos! Your blog is like a summer vacation
    I am glad the geniuses came through.
    Yesterday, I fixed our dishwasher’s computerized control panel

  5. I’m glad you found a solution. Finding solutions to problems is part of the fun of life.

  6. Yay, it worked! And I looked up the Mad Magazine art and it’s great! A solution for bogged down thinking over the recent news. Especially the Wyeth-esque “Christina’s World” satire. Oy!

  7. Sometimes trying to find the right solution makes me want to hit my head against a wall because the people who should help are useless, so I am glad you were able to find a solution without getting a headache

    • I did have to talk to three different people, Joanne, and at times I considered hitting my head against the wall, but I had already done that the day before. Your comments are always just right!

  8. love that water Ann- always a solution to one’s problems- just looking at it

  9. I’m always my best near the water, so your beautiful photos remind me that I find problem solving easier when I put myself in a calm and peaceful state. I’m so glad you were able find the answers to your iPhone problem. Your patience paid off! 🙂

  10. Solutions are sometimes easier to find once you know what questions to ask.

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