Day 1684: What’s the difference between a bad day and a good day?

In last night’s therapy group, somebody was having a good day and somebody was having a bad day. I suggested we all think about and share the differences between a good day and a bad day, which included:

  • perspective,
  • mood,
  • hope,
  • helplessness,
  • action,
  • rest,
  • shame,
  • awareness,
  • self-judgment,
  • faith,
  • doubt,
  • gratitude,
  • expectations,
  • assumptions,
  • self-care,
  • isolating,
  • connecting,
  • the weather,
  • the news,
  • worry,
  • patience,
  • anxiety,
  • nature,
  • guilt,
  • technology,
  • other people,
  • acceptance, and
  • being in the moment.

What’s the difference between a good day and bad day for you?

I am now trying to share yesterday’s photos in this post, but it’s no good.  Does that make today a good day or a bad day?  I am choosing to see it as a good day, especially because I’m seeing Bonnie Raitt and James Taylor tonight at Boston’s Fenway Park.

Because my son and I are leaving for Edinburgh, Scotland, a week from tomorrow to share several good days together, I shall try to resolve these photo-loading issues a good day before then.

Here are Bonnie Raitt and James Taylor sharing a Goode song with thousands of people:

Good thanks to all who helped me create today’s good-enough post and — of course! — to YOU.

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28 thoughts on “Day 1684: What’s the difference between a bad day and a good day?

  1. Bonnie Raitt and James Taylor make it a more that good day Ann!
    I would add to your answers …. wearing comfortable shoes and underwear 😎

  2. How I feel each day depends partly on the weather. I need to detach from this, as the weather here in Wales is mostly rubbish!

  3. Raitt and Taylor…sigh. A good day, anywhere !

  4. The threat of nuclear war.

  5. It’s a good day when I visit you, Ann.
    Safe journey with your son.

  6. Frank O’Hara would write a poem a day during his lunch breaks which I always think must have made every day a good day for him, and for some reason musing on good days makes me think of this poem of his:

    Lana Turner has collapsed!
    I was trotting along and suddenly
    it started raining and snowing
    and you said it was hailing
    but hailing hits you on the head
    hard so it was really snowing and
    raining and I was in such a hurry
    to meet you but the traffic
    was acting exactly like the sky
    and suddenly I see a headline
    there is no snow in Hollywood
    there is no rain in California
    I have been to lots of parties
    and acted perfectly disgraceful
    but I never actually collapsed
    oh Lana Turner we love you get up

  7. I’m headed home after a month away on a work trip and I got to read your blog. So it’s definitely a good day for me. Enjoy the show and save a little space in your suitcase to pack me in when you go to Scotland. (OK, maybe more than a little space.)

  8. On the plus side: good sleep the night before; visiting your blog; reading your lists; perusing your crazy beautiful photos!
    On the minus side: not going to Scotland any day this year 😦
    Happy travels with your son! 🙂

  9. Simple enough: I drop nothing at the first of the day when my body is stiff and sore. Of course, my hands are stiff and sore, so I tend to drop things more!

  10. What I say, what I shouldn’t have said, what I do, what I shouldn’t have done, what I wish I’d said and what I’d wish I’d done. Makes a difference. Gives me a good start for tomorrow too.

  11. The difference between a good day and a bad day, is simply, when my underlying loneliness, either does, or does not, overcome my veneer of happiness.

  12. My perspective lies in your first – perception

  13. it’s feeling like
    a better day
    already, thanks 🙂

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