Day 1683: Blending

I’ll be blending several elements in this post, as usual.

My therapist, George, tells me I’ve been blending my traumatic past  experiences as a child in the hospital with my present experiences as an adult.  This blending results in heightened and often inappropriate anxiety,  fear, and hypervigilance.

Yesterday, George and I were blending our wisdom and our commitment to healing in a therapy session, separating out the experiences of  my frightened, wounded, and powerless  10-year-old self.

Here and now, I’ll be blending my photos from yesterday.

















That last image shows people in my Wednesday morning therapy group blending their experience, hope, and love to create a list of coping strategies during difficult times.

At the end my therapy session with George, yesterday afternoon, I told him I’d be blending my love for music into today’s post with this song for him.

I’m blending my thanks to all who helped me create this post with my thanks to all my readers, including YOU.




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23 thoughts on “Day 1683: Blending

  1. Probably about 20 years ago now, I had a cataract operation in an eye that had been damaged by a cricket ball when I was 14. The medics could not understand why I suffered excruciating pain for 2 weeks after what is meant to be a straightforward procedure. Eventually they treated me for neuralgia. That pain replicated what I had experienced at 14. Psychosomatic blending, I’d say

  2. Feels like I’ve been through the blender today, so I’ll just relax with a glass of Australian vintage port and Some nice tasty cheese, and look forward to my day out tomorrow at the Geelong Races (Thoroughbreds). Cheers Ann, nothing that a good nights sleep can’t fix.

  3. Ann, as always you always bring a smile to my face and I thank you for that! I huge “click” when I read what you are doing with George was felt in my Heart for lately (without therapist) I have realized my “little me” was re-inacting the past in some present situations. So to counter that, after first “seeing” what really was happening, I have begun a mantra which I say over and over again until “little me” hears me and the fear subsides. That mantra goes something like this …. I am an adult, a grown woman, and I am no longer afraid. I am strong and able and I will protect my “little me” so she does not feel afraid … Sound about right to you? (smile) And my most fav photo is the cat on the tennis net. Too much!! LOL 🤗

  4. Thank you Ann. I enjoyed your post as always. I have pictures of my mutt as a pup, looking very much the colour of the pup with black tipped hair. I think you should make that dog part of your family. The cats would be aghast, but I’m sure, would train the pup in short order. A lot of patience required for a lot of pleasure.

  5. I think we all bring trauma of one sort or another, from one age or another, along with us on our journey forward. It’s a hard thing to know that then was then and now is now, for our trigger mechanisms are always on alert. All we can do is know what we are triggering and clear it up immediately. That’s what I hope for for both you and me!

  6. Lovely photos!

  7. You’ve reminded me that everything is a remix, that everything new is really a blend of things that have come before. This used to bother me, but now I look at it as the very nature of the universe. Everything we are and everything around us is a blend that came together in the heart of a star that is now long gone but sowed the seeds, that was the source of all the elements we know.

  8. Thank you for “blending”….it explains a lot!!!!

  9. Such nice advice your group gives! I think we all carry stuff around it’s good to be aware of when it rears its head!

  10. Maureen

    I love that song for George.

  11. I love your inner child Ann. I’m so glad George is helping you take care of her 💕

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