Day 1681: Everything that irritates us about others

Will it irritate you if I start off this post with a quote from Carl Jung?


“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” — Carl Jung

Whenever I share that quote with others, they understand.

If you find any of  my photos irritating, that can lead you to an understanding of yourself.










This is what comes up on YouTube when I search on “irritating Elvis.”

If you are too irritated to comment, I’ll understand.

Nothing in this post irritates me, so thanks to all, including you — of course! — for understanding.

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34 thoughts on “Day 1681: Everything that irritates us about others

  1. I agree with that quote Ann. This post today did nothing to irritate me!! Dinner looked delicious!

  2. I’m so grateful I’m not like those who irritate me 🙂

  3. I looked carefully for irritation here. I found nothing that qualified. So I will leave unirritated and joyfully so!

  4. All the food pic were definitely delicious, the shadow is a bit of a mystery, I like mysteries’, Head for the hills sounds like a good idea, your balcony looks lovely, and who doesn’t like Elvis, And I agree with Carl Yung’s quote, so that covers the lot, I’m totally unirritable,except I’ve an itchy and cold big toe, and that’s irritating !!

  5. Jung was so right. I’ve learned so much from those who have irritated me in life. Sometimes, it took a while, but the lesson always arrived. Your post…nothing irritating there.

  6. We can only identify irritating characteristics in others that we possess

  7. That Elvis impersonating cockatoo was far from irritating! He got me smiling and bopping this morning. And the female putting up her foot to keep him at a distance was priceless.

  8. Yep, not irritating. Try harder😝

  9. I love the Jung quote — and all your photos. Dang — I’ll have to try harder to find something irritating… or not! ❤

  10. Jung may have been thinking of the oyster which takes what irritates it and turns it into a pearl.
    Such anthropomorphization irritates some people, but I think metaphors can be useful tools that don’t have to be taken literally.

  11. Ah, so it was Carl I can thank for pointing out, dare I say it,that irritating truth! Oh how I resist learning about myself when I’d much rather go only halfway through the transaction when someone or something irritates me.

    In the video, that’s me on the left, bracing myself against the boogey-woogey birdie.

  12. What irritates me is that I don’t have a plate of that delicious looking meal!!
    Carl is correct. The faults we condemn in others are often found in ourselves.

    • And the positive qualities we see in others are also a reflection of us. Thanks for another great comment, Alan.

  13. There are days when I am easily irritated but not this morning, this morning I am cold and have a headache but feeling ok and not irritated at all

  14. That quote is sure true. Can’t think of anything irritating in your post. That one cockatoo really liked Elvis. Wow. The other one is probably an opera fan. A friend of mine had two budgies that really liked Bob Marley. They would bob like crazy to the beat.

  15. Jung is right. Elvis is right. Ann is right.

  16. I love everything about this post Ann! How was the tuna? I would be irritated if it didn’t taste good 😉

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