Day 1678: What makes you anxious?

What makes me anxious?  In the past, I’ve answered that question as follows:

  • heights,
  • flying,
  • the fear of failure,
  • mistakes that might have dire consequences,
  • stupid people in positions of power,
  • heart surgery,
  • pain,
  • people leaving,
  • getting a sore throat, and
  • singing in front of people.

Last night, I sang in front of people at an Open Mic in Arlington, Massachusetts, with almost no anxiety.

Will it make you anxious to watch that performance?

Sharing pictures on WordPress sometimes makes me anxious, but not today.







What makes you anxious?

Calm thanks to all who helped me create this non-anxious post and to you — of course! — no matter what makes you anxious.


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38 thoughts on “Day 1678: What makes you anxious?

  1. Heights, of course. And technological problems when I don’t know whether it’s them or me

  2. I’m anxious about what I’m going to say about what I’m anxious about….. well here goes, 1. Not having that special someone beside me as I grow olderer, 2. Letting my clients down, 3. Driving at night, 4. Forgetting how spell again, 5. Terrorism, 6. Racism. and that’ll do before I get started on all the inabilities of governments in the world to make world peace happen….. anxiety overload……

  3. I get anxious when I share my thoughts, I get anxious around anger, I get anxious around heights too.

    But I’m soothed by this beautiful music.

  4. You had me at “people leaving”….

  5. Well done Ann. No anxiety about your performance 💛 I get anxious about deadlines and departure times looming. It’s like a super highway between my brain and my gut!
    I’m simply scared of heights 😵

  6. Tears at “people leaving”, Ann. I LOVED listening to you sing! You go, Girl!! ☺️

  7. I used to be a regular at poetry readings and was occasionally asked to be the evening’s feature poet. The first time I was terrified. I was used to doing three to five minutes but featuring meant twenty minutes of reading and talking. The day before, though, I read something by Margaret Atwood about readings. The audience, she said, is there to see you. They like you. That made it much easier, although it seems to be something you already know since you have so little anxiety about going on stage, but maybe it can apply to life’s other events that make you anxious.

  8. Back when I agreed to teach a college course as an adjunct, I became quite anxious before my very first session, Ann.
    Karen and I both enjoyed your singing performance very much. You seem very calm!

    • We probably appear calmer than we feel when we’re anxious, Mark. Thanks to you and Karen for your calming support!

  9. Wow, Ann! Good for you. I remember how anxious you were about singing in public only a couple of years ago. You sound and seem so confident now,and it is wonderful to hear you fulfilling a dream with Pat Metheny. . I guess the lion (of anxiety) really does sleep tonight.

  10. Meeting new people makes me a bit fluttery, like a bird in a cage. Until I get my self perched and focused. Then I can pretend that it’s easy as belting out a song like you did. Good for you.

  11. WTG Ann! I would have been mortified. You go girl!

  12. Awesomeness!!! I’m very anxious about the safety and well-being of my family; including my pets.

  13. Love that you sang during open Mic! I am most anxious when I am helpless to help someone I love who is in trouble. ♡
    Diana xo

  14. Wow, let’s see; presentations, travel, the possibility of failure and much more! Perhaps I should make a comprehensive list and then address them all…

    • If making a list makes you less anxious, Lisa, go for it! Thanks for traveling here and presenting a very successful comment.

  15. Going to the dentist. Flying. Driving on icy roads. Reading the news today, oh boy.
    Fun to see/hear you sing, Ann.

  16. Too many things!

  17. Open heights make me really anxious and going to someplace unknown also makes me anxious, coming here though does not this place is like a comfy pair of shoes

  18. What makes me anxious- there is not enough room in this comment box for my list Ann. Your singing did not make me anxious though- loved it!

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