Day 1677: Moving On

Last night, several people who were moving on to important issues in my therapy group decided to focus on the topic of “Moving On.”

Moving on to words  I shared in that group about “Moving On” …


As I mentioned there, my friend Jan is moving on to a new place. Yesterday, I was moved to witness people’s reactions to Jan’s moving on.








While I said “Hip Hip Hooray” to Jan’s happiness about moving on, I and several other people were moved to tears when we said goodbye to Jan.

Moving on to other photos I took yesterday …





That last photo shows how somebody was moving on to charging people for unsolicited opinions and advice.

Moving on to some music about “Moving On”


Thanks to all those whose moving on inspired today’s post and — of course! — to you, for moving on, here and now.

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24 thoughts on “Day 1677: Moving On

  1. A sensitive prose today, “Moving on”, I’ve done a lot of moving on, over the last five years, both physically and mentally, and I’m tired now, and not capable of any more “moving On”, I’m stuck here, bodily wearing concrete boots, and mindfully wearing a plastic helmet…… Still smiling though….

  2. Today is my dear wife Karen’s last day at her job of 29 years, Ann, as she moves on and starts a new career direction. How kindred of you!

  3. I’m not going anywhere but thought I’d say hello anyway.

  4. My ‘moving on’ happened when I retired from teaching in June. It doesn’t feel any different right now but come September I should feel the impact of my decision to retire after 35 years of teaching. I’ve had numerous ‘moving on’ moments in my life but this is probably the biggest one.

  5. Better to be moving on than under …. 😎

  6. Some of the cards that Jan received that used what Mr. Spock would call “colorful metaphors” remind me of my last day at a job I hated. I’d been a great employee but on that last day I kept saying “Hey, what are they gonna do? Fire me?”
    There are times in life when the best way to move on is to not look back.

  7. I have no intention of moving on from visiting your blog everyday Ann

  8. I have never put a bumper sticker on a car, but I have to say I liked Republicans for Voldemort. I am stationary at the moment but in today’s Washington Post, Charles Krauthammer, whom I read for a second opinion, called Trump uniquely “impulsive and chronically irrational.” Maybe Mr. K is moving on. Who knows. In any event, I like moving on, too, and am glad you do as well. I hope your commute is not bad now.

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  10. What? Moving on already? You’ve only just moved in 🙂

  11. I’m moving on to your next post because I’m running behind. 🙂

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