Day 1675: Love everyone

Yesterday, a teabag righteously told me to love everyone.


While I righteously love a lot of people, I can’t quite love everyone.

Do you love everyone?  Is it even possible to love every one and every thing we encounter?  For example, do you love EVERY one of these photos?


















I do NOT  love the fact that my friend Jan, whom I love, is leaving our hospital-based Primary Care Practice  on Thursday. However, I do love every one of my photos, including the ones that show the lovely tiramisu that two guys I love made last night.

Perhaps that abandoned CD (pictured above) holds a song everyone loves. Here is the most viewed — if not most loved —   YouTube music of all time:

I love thanking everyone who helps me create these posts and — of course! — you.



I righteously love every one of my readers.

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42 thoughts on “Day 1675: Love everyone

  1. No I don’t love everybody, not sure who or how many persons I love, I definitely love Lily, my little dog, I’ll keep my human’s list a secret. From your pic’s, I love the 1st one, the Tiramisu sign hiding all those lovely bottles of wine. Cheers and love to you Ann x

  2. I love tiramisu and visiting your blog every day, Ann. I can’t love everyone but i can hope that karma smartens up the unlovable ones. I love the sunset pictures and that your cats have settled in their new home. Best of luck to your friend Jan and a new beginning. Let’s dance around the kitchen and be happy that you have people in your life who like to cook! I hope you love your day.

  3. There’s so much to love, as you point out, Ann. And there are other things as well.

  4. You can “love” without “liking” as evidenced in this funny (but true) song by Paul Thorn, “I Don’t Like Half The Folks I Love”.

  5. That looks like righteous tiramisu. Is that an elliptical? Is it a good one? The hubby and I have been talking about getting one, but where to put it?

  6. Love is always worth the effort! Lovely post Ann. ♡
    Diana xo

  7. I was contemplating the ancient Greeks’ idea of four distinct kinds of love and how they seem to overlap, since, as Shakespeare said, “Love is not love/Which alters when it alteration finds” but then I remembered how much I love this bit of dialogue from the movie Sleepless In Seattle:

    “What is ‘tiramisu’?”
    “You’ll find out.”
    “Well, what is it?”
    “You’ll see!”
    “Some woman is gonna want me to do it to her and I’m not gonna know what it is!”
    “You’re gonna love it.”

  8. I’ve never had tiramisu and so looked up a description just now. Sounds delicious, fancy and hard to make.

    Do Oscar and Harley love their new home, yet?

  9. Thank you for making me smile with your posts 🙂

  10. love you back Ann- though I have to say I find it impossible to love EVERYONE. I do love that sunset over the water, and the Tiramisu.

  11. Photos from simple days – and they looks so nice ! I really enjoy 😀

  12. No, I don’t feel as if I love everyone everywhere, and yet I wish loving kindness (Metta) to all beings daily as I chant the Metta Sutta. I guess in the abstract I have loving kindness but in the particular, there are those I don’t feel loving towards, such as Orange45. Maybe that’s where I have much work to do! Btw, I’ve never knowingly listened to Justin Bieber before, and I noticed he used Autotune on that song. Hope I’m not outta line… 😜

  13. Can’t go wrong with tiramisu and a good cup of tea!

  14. I cannot claim to love everyone. I am not good enough to do that. But I, truthfully, am okay with that.

    I do love being here. ❤

  15. You had me at “love”. I’m yours forever with Michael and Aaron’s tiramisu 💕

  16. Life is better when there is love

  17. I can’t love everyone either, but I can wish them well, which I think is enough. Tiramisu! Yum! and such a nice sized pan of it! It is delicious stuff, isn’t it? I hope you had an extra piece…

  18. I don’t hate anybody. There’s something to love about everybody if you look hard enough I suppose. I open my heart to the possibilities anyway.

    I don’t hate your photographs. What gave me a chuckle was your asking the question, which then requires the willing viewer to look at every one of the photos, because you can’t decide unless you do. Cunning!

    In my mind this applies as well to the “everybody” question. If you don’t give “everybody” a good long look, you can’t decide whether there’s even any potential to loving them. I’d rather give love a chance then not, knowing as I do that there are many different types of love!

  19. arsenios

    I love life your love lifely and loveable comments! If you don’t sacrifice “everybody” a full long feeling, you can’t settle whether there’s even any likely to loving them.

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