Day 1674: Firsts and seconds

First, I notice that today is the first of the month.

Second,  I will share, for the first time,  the first photo of this post.


Here are the first and second questions I had when I first saw that box:

  1. How did Michael decide which knick-knacks were secondary?
  2. Where the hell is the other box of knick-knacks?

It’ll take me  just a second to share some other photos for the first time.








First comes peace. Will anybody second that?

Here are the first and second songs that come to my mind:

What do the firsts and seconds in this post mean to you?

It’s not a first for me to end with gratitude.  First, thanks to all who helped me create today’s post. Second, special thanks to you — of course! —  for being here, now.

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25 thoughts on “Day 1674: Firsts and seconds

  1. yes, first come peace- but where IS that box of knick knacks?? I too would like to know what the secondary knick knacks are once that box is opened

    • First, let me say how glad I am that yours is the first comment today, Lisa. Second, I’ll say that all knick-knacks are now out of their boxes.

  2. Your first and second bring to mind the finish of an old joke, Ann.
    Kermit walks into a bank and hands the teller a Bert Bobblehead, saying he wants to open an account and collect the prize advertised on the TV commercials.
    The teller turns him down, saying accounts are for cash only, not for whatever-this-thing-might-be.
    Kermit demands to see her manager.
    The supervisor takes one look at the situation and declares to the teller:
    It’s a knick-knack, Patty Black, give the frog a phone.
    Anyway, if you have secondary knick-knacks, you are a primary collector!

  3. I have been knick knack intolerant for a lifetime. Something about dusting, or maybe clutter. Not sure, Ann. But your posts…they always exceed expectations.

  4. .Maybe Michael meant that it was a box of knock knacks and all knick knacks are secondary? Secondary (knick knacks), so move and open last?

    • There was another box that Michael labelled “knick-knacks” so I think not. However, you are second to none, Maureen.

  5. In A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking tells the story of how at Oxford that when his professors asked him what grade they should give him he said, “If you give me a first I’ll leave and go to Cambridge. If you give me a second I’ll stay at Oxford.”
    He was such a terrible student they gave him a first just to get rid of him. He would go on to Cambridge and the rest, well, is history.
    There’s a lesson in that. Sometimes all it takes is just a little wit to go from second to first.

  6. If that guy was cooking for me, he could decide any number of knicknacks were secondary. But the gradation did give me a chuckle.

  7. I second the peace.
    I would like seconds of both of those dinners please.
    And in addition to peace can I add a side of common sense?

  8. First I am glad I came here today
    Second I will be back
    Third I like knick knacks or as Tim would say dust collectors

  9. First, second and third — am glad you wrote this!

  10. Peace begins with ourselves … and the home. Not an easy shift sometimes, until you realize where the heart is ❤️

  11. Oh Yeah, “Give Peace A Chance”, But I’m afraid Bob got it right all those years ago, it’s still “Blowin In The Wind”

  12. Thanks Ann, I’m a Music’o’holic

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